Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting green at Dandelion Mud Pie

Tucked away behind Pizzaville on Fairlawn Ave., set apart from the long-standing shops on Yonge St., sits a new little shop inspiring people to live a little greener.

Dandelion Mud Pie carries a wide-range of environmentally-friendly, natural and organic items. From household cleaning products, to jewelery, clothing, skin care, nic nacs and hand-crafted accessories; you’ll find something for everyone.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this cool spot for a while but I kept forgetting my (old) camera because it’s bulky and takes up too much room in my purse.

Thanks FujiFilm Canada for monitoring the blogosphere and granting my wish, things are different now. It’s so compact and lightweight it fits into my smallest purse. I bring it almost everywhere.

The other night while I was waiting to meet the girls, I had the perfect opportunity to test it out. I popped into Dandelion Mud Pie and took some pics. I’m definitely intrigued by the variety of home-grown products. My favorites are the bags from Echoes in the Attic, like the one in the photo.

As for the Fuji FinePix z10 it’s taking my retail therapy (and blogging) to a whole new level. ; )

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  1. You seriously just asked and they sent you a free camera??? Nice! Very cool of Fuji to do that.

    Maybe I should take a cue from you and start wishing for stuff...

    "Hey Apple, I would love a new MacBook Pro. In return, I'll write all my blog posts from it and credit you everytime."

  2. Yes, Fuji demonstrated they are pretty enlightened when it comes to blog-monitoring. ;) I started Weekly Wish in April and this is the first time a company actually stepped up to the plate. A few little birdies told me some of the other companies are well aware of the posts but haven't approached me - at least not yet.

    As for the MacBook Pro and other Apple goodies, I've already had them on my wish list but no such luck.

    Why don't you write a "Weekly Wish" guest post for Bargainista and we can see what happens?


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