Monday, November 13, 2006


You know what they say, "If the shoe fits..."

What happens when you finally find the right pair of shoes but when you get home you find out you have two different sizes?

We've been looking for a new pair of running shoes for my older son for three months. (Poor guy, nothing seems to fit right and he's tried on too many pairs to count.)

We finally bought him a new pair at SportCheck on Saturday but when we got home he discovered they were two different sizes! It's not the first time this has happened. Two weeks ago we found what we thought was the right pair at The Shoe Company but nooooo. Just as we were about to pay, the cashier noticed they were two different sizes. Well at least she checked before ringing in the sale.

I don't know why salespeople can't check shoes to ensure they're a pair before they put them:
  • on the customer's feet,
  • back in the box,
  • on display, and,
  • in the bag.
Is it really that hard? Come on.

What I'd really like to know is who are all those people walking around with mis-matched shoes?

Share your customer service gaffes. Add your comments.

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  1. Anonymous12:50 pm

    I don't have a mismatching story but imagine having a shoe salesperson tell you the only thing in the store that will fit your feet is the shoebox lid! Happened to a fellow size 11 friend of mine.

  2. I don't go around mixing shoe sizes (because that would just be mean) but I do have two different sized (by a whole size) feet. Yeah, I'm a bit weird like that.

  3. I've heard other people who have feet that are different sizes. Sometimes they buy two pairs of shoes so they have shoes that fit each foot properly. It gets pretty expensive though.

  4. I wear custom insoles. Easier that way. =)


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