Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hidden gems

Toronto is a thriving metropolis filled with lots of places to shop from big-box stores and chains to luxury boutiques and ethnic specialty shops. There are also a slew of fabulous hidden gems in T-dot. Many with loyal customers; others striving to build a regular clientele.

Hidden gems usually cater to a niche market. They may have some run of the mill stuff but they often carry amazing merchandise you won't find anywhere else.

Need a neat housewarming gift? What about new hotel-chic sheets, towels, nic nacs, and skin care or cheery cozy clothes for lounging around the house? Check out Living2, one of the hidden gems in my neighbourhood. It's at 1766 Avenue Rd. just north of Lawrence (see map) in an old converted house about 10 steps above the sidewalk.

Living2 is a great little store that you'd never know about unless you stumbled upon it on a sunny day while strolling along Avenue Rd., most likely with a Starbucks' latte in hand as I did. Prices range from very affordable (you can buy great gifts for under $20) to higher-end luxury linens – now on sale for 20% off.

Lots of other interesting stuff is currently on sale from 30%-50%.

Have a hidden gem in your neighbourhood? Let Bargainista know.

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  1. There is Heidi Ho at Y&E. Fresh Collective, Queen West West. Jack & MArgorie in much more. I will let you know the next time I go out...

    check out does a great fashion columm.


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