Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weekly Wish - a new digital camera

I’ve been wanting a new digital camera for a while. In my house we share a Canon PowerShotA550. It’s fine and easy to use. My only beef is that it’s heavy and doesn’t fit easily into my purse. I’d like a smaller and lighter camera to carry with me wherever I go so I can take pictures more often.

I’d been giving serious thought to the Casio Exilim Zoom then last week I learned about the new Fuji FinePixZ10. It comes in several smashing colours, including hot pink. I thought they made it just for me. ; ) What I like best is it’s blogging feature - it let’s you upload photos directly to your blog. Just think, I could take pictures while I’m shopping and share them with you almost instantly. How awesome is that? It also has IrSimple wireless technology so I could share photos with other friends who have IrSimple-enabled cameras.

I’m guessing some of the photo bloggers were sent samples of this camera back in July when the Z10 was launched. Only thing is, the photo bloggers probably use much more sophisticated cameras, not the simple point-and-shoot styles. If I worked for Fuji’s marketing department, I’d follow the lead of the KRZRBloggers and put it in the hands of some influential bloggers from several different communities.

This week, I’m wishing Fuji (or a competitor with an equally compelling camera for us bloggers) will step up to the plate and offer me a compact, sleek digicam I can use for the blog. And if so, in return, they can be sure I’ll give their camera credit every time I post a pic.

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  1. That exact camera is at the top of my Christmas wishlist.
    Else, it might be one of my very first purchases in the new year...

  2. I'm getting one, soon I hope. I'll let you know what I think. I'm so excited and looking forward to learning more about the wireless capabilities.

    Why did you decide on this digicam?

    Now for the girly question: what colour do you want?

  3. Hi Bargainista! Inspired by your post, we purchased my sister-in-law one of these cameras for Christmas. She is not a blogger, but she did want an easy-to-use digital camera that she could easily carry in her purse.

    We purchased the hot red one and she loved it! Red is her favourite colour so it was a real hit.

    When she wasn't looking I managed to snap a few photos with it and am now completely jealous. It really is even easier than my own digital camera--it is simply point and shoot. Fantastic. I'm looking forward to hearing what she thinks as she goes to use it (and what she thinks about the goofy family photos I took with it!).


  4. Hi Connie,
    Glad you and your sister-in-law like the camera and I was helpful in the decision-making process. You'll need to let me know what she thinks of your family photos. ; )


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