Monday, March 23, 2009

Making Easter egg treats for little ones

In this week’s baby bargainista column, Jenny talks about Easter, her favourite holiday, and how to make Easter egg hunts both neat and nutritious at the same time.

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it’s the cute bunnies and baby chicks, or the plethora of yummy chocolate, or the fun of hiding eggs and toys for the kids to find on Easter morning.

But the main event that I so enjoyed as a child, that is, gorging on chocolate and sweets on Easter morning, is not necessarily my favorite now that I’m a parent and I’m the one who has to deal with the sugar-crash aftermath (Tantrums! Yelling!). Happily, there are ways to incorporate moderation and healthiness into Easter while still keeping the traditional egg hunt alive.

My favorite innovation since I became a parent is the availability of plastic, refillable eggs. You can get them at any major drugstore (such as
Shoppers) or grocery store. The advantages of using these eggs for Easter egg-hunting, instead of just chocolate eggs, are many.

1. Most obviously, you control what goes in them, and can create a mix of chocolate goodies, small toys (such as from the dollar store or a party supply store), and healthy snacks like raisins or Goldfish.

2. They’re larger and therefore easier for even the youngest egg-hunters to find. Should any eggs remain undiscovered, the plastic makes for an easier cleanup. No more wiping up little pools of melted chocolate in hiding spots that proved too clever!

3. The plastic eliminates any danger of tiny unwelcome houseguests, such as mice, having a nibble on the treats before your kids get to them. Not a common danger, but definitely handy if you choose to celebrate Easter at the cottage, for example.

4. Using the plastic eggs as your packaging opens up the option of buying your goodies in bulk, and eliminating needless waste. Buying treats in bulk also saves you money, of course.

Do you have a tip to share on saving money this Easter, or a favorite holiday tradition that you’ve put a spin on now that you’re a parent?
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  1. I put one smartie in each egg. It makes a good rattle sound.

    My experience; Kids are more into the hunt than the candy.

  2. Well said, parentclub! The fun is in the hunting and finding, not how many treats are in each egg.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. When it comes to eggs I have done it so many different ways, my daugther Roo loves to find a loonie in a few.

    Just found your blog. Will defintely book mark it as finding good Canadian blogs that help one save are on shorter supply!

  4. I am also doing the plastic eggs this year, but instead of putting something inside, I"m going to have the two toddlers trade them for bigger toys (sidewalk chalk and bubble blowers) after they've found them. That way both kids get the same thing and they have the fun of doing the hunt. I agree with Parent Club that the hunt is the best part for them anyhow.

  5. Very creative ideas! Love the trade-in concept; and with loonies in a few eggs, older kids could even buy their own bigger toy at a local store if one is looking for ways to teach about money.

    Thanks Hollie and Patricia for your comments!


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