Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fit-in 15 – we’re all winners!

Thanks everyone who participated in the Fit-in 15 challenge yesterday. Bargainista readers really stepped up their game and in a friendly “add an extra 15 minutes of activity to your day smack down” against Parent Club, we came a head by a nose (9 Bargainista readers compared to 8 at Parent Club) and get to display the trophy here. Yay! Congrats to all Parent Club participants as well.

Daniele Rossi
will be getting a 4GB iPod Shuffle and iTunes gift card courtesy of Canadian Chiropractic Association’s Fit-in 15 program.
Here’s his comment:
“Did a power walk as a warm up before my workout in the gym today. Set it for 15 minutes and found it was the best warm up I've ever done!”
I just happen to have another prize pack lying around so, Tanya McGinnity who took a 30-minute power walk with her sweet little pug, will receive one too. Congrats to both of you!

As for the random draw, I invited Caroline Fernandez from Parent Club to do the honours. She had a little help from a sweet tool called Random Interger Generator. Thanks Caroline!

Oh ya, and I guess you’re all wondering how I’ve been managing my Fit-in 15 for the past week. Well, here’s the rundown:

June 17 – I took a brisk lunchtime walk, then after work headed over to the Toronto Girl Geekl Dinner in a brisk walking mode only to learn I was early. I headed home and did some more brisk walking too.

June 18 – I attended the ChickAdvisor Recessionista Shop Crawl, skipped two subway stops after work and walked to the starting point plus another two hours of shopping on foot.

June 19, 20, 21 – Getting around in Kingston on foot during the three days of Podcasters Across Borders counts, right? ;-)

June 22 – 15 minute brisk walk at lunch for the Bargainista – Parent Club Smack Down and another brisk evening walk.

June 23 – 15-minute brisk lunch time walk (and I’m sure there will be much more this evening).

I’m certainly making an effort to add at least an extra 15 minutes of activity into my day. The bike is coming out this weekend too.
You’ve all inspired me.

When it comes to daily physical activity, what inspires you?

Disclosure: Canadian Chiropractic Association is a client of Fleishman-Hillard, a sister company to iStudio and I've been working on this project.


  1. Hi!
    I think your blog is fantastic.I'm wating your visit.

  2. the weather must be nice for me to walk that extra distance! unlike today when the weather is just awful and icky. however, i do play on my wii ae active game everyday (for about 20min) and it's actually a workout! burn, baby, burn!

  3. Thanks Kinah!

    Jae, being able to adapt your daily fitness habits to different conditions and environments will help you stick to the program. Which Wii games are you playing?


  4. Thanks Brenna! I'm still making an effort to add more activity into my day.

  5. It's never easy. If I can't make it to the gym every night, I try and walk to and from the office. It's definitely a challenge when it's pouring/snowing outside.


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