Friday, November 05, 2010

Preparation process for the Clothing Show

Since winning tickets to The Clothing Show last spring, Jean Yee and I have been having a lot of email conversations. Well what do you know, she won them again this fall. Rather than ask her for a recap of the show, I asked if she’d share her preparation process with you. As you’ll see, it’s quite intricate.

Planning and preparation for events can at times, take a life of their own, depending on the importance of the event. And the Fall Clothing Show is no different. Autumn is a time when I can take inventory of my fall and winter wardrobe and decide what items can be revived, recycled or retired.

I pondered what is the most efficient and effective way to transition my wardrobe from one season to the next. By strategically organizing, planning and preparing – it became my project to move in my fall wardrobe and move out my summer wardrobe. Nice in theory, but our weather can fluctuate 10ºC to 13ºC in a day. That means we can have 14ºC in the morning and 27ºC by noon. What this means is my wardrobe at this time of year has to accommodate some summer/fall and fall/winter items.

It’s an opportunity for me to ease my transition from my Indian cottons to my cashmere sweaters.

My preparation process to revamp my clothes closet and maximize my Clothing Show shopping experience is as follows:

1. Take a good hard look at my clothes and accessories and throw away what isn’t wearable, give away – to charity, family, friends – and keep what is still useful

2. Look through magazines, in hard copy or online to suss out what to consider as purchases for body type and style

3. Check flyers and newspapers for any sales

4. Window shop at my favourite clothing stores to see what is out there and take note of prices
5. Check my email for those Clothing Show coupons

6. Check the Clothing show vendor section and look at the vendors’ websites

7. On the Clothing Show shopping weekend with list in hand:
  • Bring cash and bring a credit card
  • Dress minimally to be able to slip on clothes easily
  • Take a walk about at the show and check out the booths and take note of which vendors are a must to shop
  • Take in the fashion shows! The stylists put together some fabulous outfits
  • When trying on clothes or accessories, I chat with the vendors and get their opinion; sometimes in the course of conversation, they've helped me find an alternative item or exactly something I've been looking for!
  • It’s a weekend of playing dress up and seeking new items to match my old, find something new or gently used, so I approach it with anticipation to enjoy the experience and shop ’til I drop!
Did you go to The Clothing Show? What did you think? Do you have a preparation process when you go shopping? Share your tips.

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