Monday, January 12, 2009

Best buys of 2008 for moms of little ones

In this week’s baby bargainista column, Jenny reflects on her best purchases in 2008...

In January, when others are making resolutions for the new year, I find myself doing the opposite – looking back and reflecting on the year gone past, including what small triumphs were found through purchases that turned out to be great deals or investments.

By far my best pregnancy-related purchase of the year was the M coat. Not only did I score 20% off, but every time I wear it in public I get multiple compliments and queries about where to find it.

Only time will tell if I get as much use out of the zip insert after the baby comes as I hope (the insert can be zipped in an “A” shape to cover a belly, or a “V” shape so baby can be worn in a front carrier and zipped snugly inside the coat) – but every time the thermometer dips below zero, I’m glad I have my cosy M coat to keep me warm on the long walk from the subway station to my OB’s office!

My best kid-related purchase of the year, aside from the various holiday gifts I’ve already written about (like the SweetPea3), are the ice skates we bought at Play It Again Sports. Only gently used, you can’t beat the $30 price tag; especially when you consider that our 4-year-old will likely only wear them a dozen times this winter. And, bonus: when she needs a larger size next year, Play it Again Sports will give us cash on the trade-in!

And best of all, having the skates gives my husband a reason to take our girl out to the local rink for one-on-one skating lessons – a lovely daddy-daughter activity that gives me plenty of “mommy time” to rest up at home for when the baby arrives!

What was your best purchase of 2008?

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