Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Of Coats and Carriers

In this week’s baby bargainista column, Jenny shares some of her smarter purchases. Doesn't the M coat look wonderful? Wish they had those when I had my kids.

Confession time. I’m often guilty of the worst of shopping errors: buying items for fantasy, rather than reality. Essentially I sometimes buy things because I envision how they will change my life, make me a better more fashionable person etc. – then they don’t, of course.

But I’m pleased to report that two of my major baby-related purchases have actually turned fantasy into reality! When I bought the M coat I immediately had visions of my post-baby self squiring an adorable newborn around town in a front carrier, snugly zipped inside my fashionable and practical adjustable parka. However, I secretly feared that it wouldn’t work out and I would have invested heavily in an adjustable maternity coat for no good reason.

Well, this time the dream has actually come true. I’m so happy with both the M coat and my Ergo carrier that I wanted to post this update to recommend both items! I’ve enjoyed many walks on even the coldest days recently with baby snug and warmly nestled against my chest. I love that she’s zipped inside my own coat so that I can more easily sense her temperature and adjust her positioning; and the Ergo carrier nicely distributes her weight so that my back doesn’t suffer even after several hours of carrying her (admittedly though, she is only about 8 lbs).

So for all you moms-to-be expecting a bundle of joy to arrive this coming fall – I heartily recommend the M coat as being well worth the investment (particularly if next winter is as bitterly cold as this one turned out to be)! And for those seeking a baby carrier, I’m delighted to recommend the Ergo carrier just as enthusiastically.

What’s your best dream-come-true purchase?


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