Monday, March 22, 2010

Short & Sweet Cupcakes hit the spot

Like many other parents, I was off last week for March break. For us, there was a nice balance of visiting relatives in Montreal and staycation back in Toronto. The staycation part was a great opportunity for us to experience some of the new shops in the neighbourhood – and there are many as a result of vacancies left by casualties of the recession.

Just off Avenue Road, south of the 401, Short & Sweet Cupcakes is a sweet spot hidden on Old Orchard Grove. (Check out their blog.) Like its name, there was lots of sweet goodness inside. The owners were lovely and told me how appreciative of the support they’ve been receiving from the community. In fact, they have so many special orders, they’re finding it a challenge keeping their storefront filled with a variety of tasty cupcakes with clever names like Diamonds & Pearls (that’s next on my list), Key Lime Kick, Lady in Red and Black & White Affair.

Price wise, at $3 per cupcake, $13 per ½ dozen and $26 per dozen, they’re comparable to other cupcake shops in the city. Taste wise, they were superior to several – including others with greater visual appeal – yes, looks can be deceiving. I really liked the micro-cupcake samples they have on hand. When I stopped by I tried BBM, a banana butterscotch cupcake with maple buttercream, it was terrific.

I picked up two for my kids – Coco Loco, the coconut chocolate one was delicious – I had a nibble. I didn’t taste the One Hundred & One, an Oreo-flavoured cupcake with Oreo buttercream but my son wasn’t blown away. Regardless, I’m really liked the comfy, unpretentious, warm atmosphere and I’ll be back.

What’s your favourite cupcake shop? Have you tried Short & Sweet Cupcakes? If so, what did you think? Which flavour(s) did you try?

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  1. Sarah Coombs9:00 pm

    Are they as good or better than the Cupcake Shoppe at Yonge & Eglinton? I'm a cupcake fan.

  2. Hey Sarah,
    Thanks for stopping by. Actually, I think they taste better but I think the ones at the Cupcake Shoppe look a little prettier - I like the way the icing looks. For very special occasions, I like Eat My Words. They're very fancy, scrumptious, larger and have a CSR element.

    What's your favourite flavour?

    Happy Shopping,

  3. Sarah Coombs9:16 pm

    I love Eat your Words too! I'm really a white cake, great buttercream icing girl. I guess that is a cupcake purist if such a thing exists.

  4. I wish I only liked one flavour too - cupcakes wouldn't be so tempting. ;-)

  5. Thanks for the tip! (We're working on a Great Cupcake Debate story for Shoestring as we speak -- totally including these. :) I'm with Sarah: though I love cupcakes and I love the big cupcake resurgence (SWEET and Lulu's in Boston are two of my faves, as well as Gigi's in Nashville, TN), but give me a Pillsbury Funfetti cupcake with chocolate icing and confetti sprinkles any day over the fancy stuff. I just wish there was a more all-natural/organic version...


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