Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reflecting on a year of renewal and on the fence about enhancing my eyelashes

A year ago, I left a secure full-time job as a digital strategist at an awesome integrated agency to find new balance in my life and pursue my dream of being my own boss and doing more of what I love. The path has been amazing. I have few regrets (still not blogging as much as I thought I would) and haven’t looked back or second-guessed my decision for a minute. 

Having more control over my work life afforded me the opportunity to overhaul some other things:
• Improved my dilapidated house with the help of Norrland Homes and Meredith Heron.
• Lost more than 30 pounds thanks to Dr. Dukan (yes, the same 30 pounds I lost three years ago).
• Added highlights to my hair; and,
• Whitened my teeth.

Yet, I’m reluctant to take any measures to turn back the clock on aging despite things like Botox, Restylane and Juvederm fills making it so easy. You no longer need to go under the knife to remove the visible signs of aging from your face (and other body parts.)

Thanks to a couple invitations from Morgan Cates at Environics, I attended an event last summer where Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue, the #1 spa in Canada according to Glow Magazine. Dr. Kellett reviewed advances in cosmetic dermatology over the past 10 years. Jeanne Beker shared some of her current beauty secrets her not-so-great experience with plastic surgery many years ago, when she was pressured into a procedure. Both these women looked fantastic, tall, thin and aging well – with a little help, no doubt. I had no idea Jeanne Beker was almost 60! Unfortunately, due to scheduling constraints, I didn't book an appointment with Dr. Kellet as was offered for attending the event. Maybe one day.

As you can see, I’ve been learning about some of the non-invasive ways women can set back the clock on their appearance and how important it is to take care of ourselves and feel good in our own skin – medical intervention or not. Thanks to Morgan, her client Allergen and a quick visit to Dr. Nowell Solish, I’ve been giving the opportunity to test out Latisse – an eyelash enhancement product approved by Health Canada.

Check out this promo video for U.S. audiences with spokesperson, Brooke Sheids:

I was given a Jessica Jensen leather clutch and an eye grooming kit from Sephora too. I owe them all a big apology. I’ve had my supply of Latisse for quite some time now but due to living somewhat of a nomadic existence this past summer and then contracting some annoying sinus and eye infections, I’ve yet to test it out. 

I’m getting closer to taking the big leap. Besides, it will help me make up for the eyelashes I lost a couple years ago and according to Dr. Solish, after a couple weeks I probably won’t need to use it daily and I won’t need to use mascara. I’ve learned hyperpigmentation (or darkening of the eyes around the lashes) is a side effect that is known to happen in only 4% of people who use the product.

Why am I still sitting on the fence for this one? If you were me, what would you do?


  1. Donna Papacosta8:11 pm

    Me? I would not use a pharmaceutical product near my eyes unless I needed one to fight an infection or for some other necessity. I just don't like the idea of drugs in this area for cosmetic purposes. You only get one pair of eyes.

  2. Donna, That's exactly what's holding me back. I have the prescription and I've been afraid to use it so it just sits there. I thought I'd ask the doctor some questions to help other women make an informed decision about Latisse. I was determined to be a good candidate and it was handed to me. It's supposed to be entirely safe and I know other women who use it successfully. I'm such a spaz am afraid I'll get it in my eyes or something.

  3. Hi Eden - I used Latisse leading up to my wedding this past summer -loved it and had absolutely no issues. I still have my eyes fully intact! It is really easy to use and does not feel like anything. It does take several applications to see a change. I have recommended it to several friends who dye their eyelashes - to get that same dramatic effect. Lash dye stings. Latisse not so much.


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