Sunday, February 10, 2008

OPI e-romance collection: even too geeky for me

Okay, two of my favourite things are manicures and hanging out online with my friends. But a mash-up of the two, that just seems silly to me. Have you seen OPI’s e-romance collection? Did you know it’s wired for love? There’s even OPI e-romance e-cards. Why?

Maybe OPI’s marketing team thought they’d get more coverage from the bloggers. Maybe they were right. Doesn’t mean I’m buying. What about you?


  1. yes this is strange... i'm quite confused!!

  2. Are you confused by my post or OPI's Valentine collection?

  3. Fascinating... Not sure what the colors have to do with the internet (except for the usual OPI creative names). (You'd think they would do some crazy-speckled "digital" green, or something at least futuristic in style...)

  4. Monica, part of the OPI brand seems to be coming up with witty names for their nail polish colours. Sometimes I think they recycle existing colours with new names. As for the red, I'm sure it has more to do with Valentine's Day than us geeks. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by.


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