Friday, September 11, 2009

Blo paints the town pink

Blo, Canada’s only blow dry bar, invites you to “paint the town pink” and celebrate its first two bar openings in Toronto.

Blo is a Blow Dry Bar. Scissors are verboten. Dye, ditto. For around $30, in about 30 minutes get a wash and blow out style. Not cuts, no colour: Just WASH BLOW GO. Clients choose from seven styles featured in the Blo Hair Menu, from the sexy razor-straight “Executive Sweet” to the rocker-chic inspired “Sex, Hugs and Rock & Roll”.

Sept. 23, 2009: 7 p.m.-9 p.m.

Andrew Richards Designs
571 Adelaide St E (map)

How much?
Tickets are $15; all proceeds benefit POGO

For more ticket info., click here.


  1. Neat-o, Eden. I went to Blo last weekend for the occasion of a friend's wedding. I would go there every single day if I had the time and money. It was a really great experience!

  2. Thanks, Jess that's good to know. With so many new blow dry salons popping up across the city and existing salons seeing the need to compete, it's nice to know which ones we should try. For $15, with the proceeds going to POGO, a group of us should get together and go at the same time.

    I had my hair blow dried for a party in Chicago last weekend. I didn't see anything like blo. ortunately, my sister lives there and made me an appointment but what do other visitors do?




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