Thursday, November 15, 2007

Weekly Wish - bangles and more pics from Holts

Two brochures arrived on my doorstep this week. Both filled with beautiful photographs of luxurious jewelry. What great escapism. As I flipped through each of them looking at the shiny and sparkling designs and soaring price tags, I fantasized about which ones I wanted. For five minutes, I could pretend I was a member of the rich and famous... price was no object.

And now, back to reality...
Okay, so even a bargainista is allowed to be out of the loop on occasion. Since when did Holts get into the luxury jewelry business? I hadn’t noticed they started carrying the real thing and not just the upscale costume stuff.

I wanted to share links with you from their website ’cause this week, I’m wishing for either any of the stunning diamond and Celtic noir cable bangles from Charriol or the Judith Ripka sterling silver ($1,550-$2,750) and 18-karat-gold chandelier earrings with diamonds and canary crystals ($1,095), both Holts exclusives. (Not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend, they’re also my birthstone!) Unfortunately, they aren’t on the website - you can only see them in stores. So, instead I’ve shared the only bangles pic I could find, the gold, onyx and diamond bangles ($630-$8,095). They are lovely just not what I’m really wishing for this week.

And if you think I’m wishing for just for the jewels, you’re only partly right. This week I’m also wishing stores would realize their websites were just as important as their bricks and mortar stores. Holts already spent a fortune on photos, ad copy and printing costs for the fancy brochure. Why couldn’t they leverage the photos and text by adding them to their website too?

What do you think? When you visit a store’s website, do you want to find an online catologue or are you satisfied with just a hint or a tease of their offerings?

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  1. I have to say that every single time a store has had ALL their goods online, I've made it a mission to go to the actual store. I like previewing merchandise so that I'm not wasting as much time when I'm in the store. Gone are the days when I had the whole weekend to shop - now things must be quick.

    Online stores I've checked out in person: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Tiffanies, Abercrombie (back when I was a young'un), and American Eagle.

    I don't know why more stores don't just have websites with all their goods - it just makes so much sense!

  2. Henna, I couldn't agree with you more. My online shopping has increased dramatically this year and I do a ton of research online before I go to bricks and mortar stores. It saves so much time and that's important for students like you and working moms like me. Thanks for sharing.


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