Thursday, March 20, 2008

NutriSystem Challenge: Let’s get moving

Weigh-in (Day 42, we’re halfway there!):
• Tamsin – 8 oz. (-7 pounds to-date)
• Eden – 9 oz. (-14.5 pounds to-date)

This week the focus turns to exercise. That’s right, you heard me. It’s time to get moving.

I’m pretty active but except for a love of walking and sporadic cycling during the warmer months, I hate exercise. Okay, I’ve said it, now let’s move on.

NOT! Two weeks ago I introduced That Kathryn Girl to Tamsin at the NutriSystem blogger event. They started talking and the next thing I knew, Kathryn had registered us for an intro class at Aradia Fitness Uptown – the studio where Tamsin teaches pole dancing.

I can’t believe I’m telling you this but last Sunday, Kathryn and I took an introductory pole dancing class. Tamsin was our teacher. I guess it’s only fair. She’s been hanging around my blog, the least I could do was check out her turf and besides, she gave us coupons for $10 off. ;) It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

We had a blast and a good workout to boot. Tamsin is an incredible teacher. She’s got tons of energy, a lot of enthusiasm and patience for even the most spastic student.

Check out the photo of Tamsin teaching Kathryn how to slide down a pole.

*Housekeeping note:
I have a confession to make. I’ve actually lost about 14.5 pounds to-date so tonight I updated my results. In the search for an accurate scale, I ended up making a few switches during week one. I thought I had reported my weight loss correctly. I was wrong. The only constant that week was Mr. Bargainista’s weight. We both weighed ourselves and the difference between us has increased by 14.5 pounds since I started the program.


  1. Thanks for the kind feedback, Bargainista! I was so happy to have you and Kathryn in class.

    BIG congrats on your loss! I was using 2 different scales at the beginning of our NutriSystem journey (digital and non), but I eventually invested in a nice new digital that has made weight tracking much easier.

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    and thanks for coming with me to check out the whole pole dancing thing. it was fun although my arms were not happy the next day ;)


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