Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday and you

Today is the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. It’s called Black Friday and marks either the biggest shopping day of the year or the one day of the year when there’s no shopping depending on your point of view.

In Canada, December 1 is the day that traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season. (Coincidentally it falls on Cyber Monday this year.)

With the current state of the economy, I’ve been contacted by a number of companies south of the border asking me to promote their sales.

As for me, I’m not changing my habits this year. I believe shopping will help stimulate the economy and I’ve been doing my fair share lately (stay tuned). As usual, I’ll focus my spending in Canada – that doesn’t mean I won’t be purchasing from U.S.-owned retailers — it means I prefer to do so here. I don’t have any plans to shop today but if I wanted a new computer I would.

Anyway, enough about me. I want to know about you. Will you be searching for deals today? Do you prefer to shop at home or spend your money south of the border? When do you start shopping for the holidays? Let’s get the discussion going.
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  1. Anonymous9:32 am

    I've already grabbed some black friday bargains! I hit Michaels this morning for some sweet doorcrashers and had an online coupon for 25% off my entire purchase. Between the doorcrasher deals and coupon I saved about $130!

  2. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I gave in too and finally bought the iPod touch I've been thinking about for ages.

  3. Though sales may be down for many retailers, jewelry stores and designers still seem to be getting lots of attention this season. One thing women wont give up...their baubles, regardless of any economic situation!

  4. I'm trying to buy more presents from "local" mompreneurs this year.

  5. Spectrum, thanks for your comments. I think you're right about those baubles. Our local mall is getting a Tiffany's. I am surprised they haven't opened yet considering this is prime time for holiday gift shopping.

    Parent Club, Great idea. I love finding special gifts from local businesses. I've heard there's some amazing items at the One of a Kind this year.



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