Saturday, March 07, 2009

Customer service: It's all about relationships

We haven’t shopped for a house in 9 years and we still have a real estate agent.

Like every other real estate agent in town, Michael sends us note pads and updates on the housing market and how it impacts our neighbourhood. He does most of his business in the community where he and his family live because he believes he can add more value for his clients focusing on one area and knowing it well.

Twice a year he sends us cards acknowledging the holidays and letting us know he’s made a donation in our name to the Daily Bread Food Bank and SickKids.

Once a year, on the anniversary of the closing date of our house, we get a card or a letter with a personalized note from Michael. He includes a gift, a choice from one of several cakes at Phipps Bakery Café. We always get Mom’s Chocolate Cake – yes, we love chocolate – and we picked up the one above for Mr. B’s recent birthday.

We like cake and we like Michael a lot. He’s the real deal. No schmooze. Totally transparent and a down-to-earth guy who has a small, successful real estate business dealing with clients he wants to work with. Michael likes running too. A few years ago, he started a running club for clients in the neighbourhood.

Whether or not he’s selling houses or providing any other service, Michael knows how to build relationships. That’s how he’s built a successful business one family at a time.

Do you have a Michael in your neighbourhood?

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