Monday, March 16, 2009

The Babytime Show

In this week’s baby bargainista column, Rebecca Atkinson talks about tips for making the most out of baby shows.

Having been recently married, the concept of bridal shows are a great idea to me. Both my husband and I went together and ticked many things off our list. It was a great way for us to get ideas of what we wanted or didn’t want for our wedding and we even found a few deals to be had.

When someone mentioned to me there was a similar thing for babies, I was in heaven. I’d never heard of it before getting pregnant, but to me, a baby show sounds like a great place for first-timers to get hands-on information and hopefully make some decisions as to what types of things we need for Baby Atkinson.

The 11th Annual Spring Baby Time Show will take place April 3-5 at the International Centre , Mississauga, Ontario.

Just like the bridal show, the website for the show promises speakers, exhibits, merchants and more. Everything from maternity clothes, to the latest gadgets for baby, of course including everything you need from a-z to complete your nursery. And all the assorted baby accessories, such as strollers and the like will be on display.

Having the ability to try out things before we decide what to buy is really appealing to us. We’re already overwhelmed by the number of different baby monitors available, which doesn’t bode well for us considering the amount of stuff that is required for a baby. Being able to physically see and touch items will start to make some of (brand) purchase decisions a little easier (we hope).

The show’s website offers some really great tips so that you can be prepared to shop until you drop.

There are ATM’s on the street level of the facility, however, to avoid line ups at the ATM’s we would recommend coming fully prepared.
Some of the companies exhibiting will be able to take debit and credit card payment.
If you are coming by car…please look under the directions tab for parking lots closest to Hall 5.
Bring all of your nursery measurements …this helps when you are shopping for those big items and gives you a good idea what will work for your family.
Refer to your showguide handed to you as you enter the show…it has our event schedule and great information.

While we’re as excited to shop as anyone, at least this way we’ll save on gas and our sanity by having everything in one place. With time ticking away until baby arrives and a nursery still to be decorated, a registry still to be completed and, and, and,... we’re really hoping to find all the answers we’re looking for as well as a few bargains.

I’ll be following up this post after the show to tell you if it was worth it and to give you an additional tips or lessons learned from attending.
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