Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs catches my eye

I’ve been whining about my sunglasses for at least the past year. I wanted a change but hadn’t found the right pair: something fashionable, yet not equal to half a mortgage payment; something that suits my face, yet fits the bridge of my nose… you get the picture.

Not that I always want the newest, shiniest pair I can find but the ones I’ve been wearing for the past several years were getting tired looking and the lose arm just kept getting looser no matter how much I fixed it. Check out the picture my friend Alexa Clark took of me wearing my at the post-BookCamp get together below and you’ll see what I mean.

So, last week, with a bit of cash in hand from a birthday gift, I walked in Holt’s on Bloor and headed straight for the sunglass display. Presto, within five minutes I found the perfect pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs – oversized by not exaggerated. As my husband said, “Big, but not too big”. As Goldilocks would say, “They’re just right.”

When I got home that night I wondered why after looking for a new pair for so long, I was able to find the right pair within minutes. Was the selection that different? Was it my frame of mind?

Hmm, I thought some more. Then it occurred to me. It’s the way Holt’s merchandises their sunglasses that made the difference. Hundreds of pairs were on the wall. How was I able to sort through them so quickly? I’m convinced it had to do with the airy feel and the room between each pair along with more than lighting. Perhaps not so eco-friendly but definitely customer-focused.

What about you? Have any examples of smart merchandising to share? Oh yeah, and what do you think of my new shades?

photo credits
top photo: Mr. B
bottom photo: Eden, Lex, Gerry & Sue by lexnger on flickr
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  1. Anonymous10:38 am

    I think the sunglasses look fab on you. You look like a movie star!
    xox the sometime Fashionista.

  2. A movie star! Thanks. I just wanted to see clearly and keep the crow's feet away. ;-)


  3. Oooh. I really like the squared-off look of these new little pretties!

    I have a few pairs of Spy sunglasses that I like because of their squared-ness.

    Congrats on finding a great pair! They look very fashionable.

  4. jadapasserby12:59 am

    first pair was not bad, it was trendy
    but the new pair is classy, and it still be attractive after a season. good investment!

  5. Tanya and jadapasserby, Thanks for your comments and kind words.


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