Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Fit-in 15 and win an iPod Shuffle

Full disclosure: now that I’m consulting full-time as a digital strategist, in addition to sharing my personal experiences as a consumer and my experiences with products, services or initiatives I’ve learned about through online outreach from other firms, I may also share my experiences related to my client work from time-to-time. This is one of those times.

By now most of you know I’ve been relatively successful with NutriSystem. My downfall has been integrating regular physical activity into my daily routine. So when I was asked to help with outreach on the Canadian Chiropractic Association’s Fit-in 15 program, I jumped at the chance to participate. Fit-in 15 is a program designed to help busy Canadians learn to fit a mere 15 minutes of physical activity into our day. Check out these helpful tips.

Since Wednesday, I’ve been incorporating at least 15 minutes of physical activity into my daily routine. By adding only 15 minutes, I’m gaining several health benefits. I’m keeping an activity log that I’ll share next week.

But this isn’t about me. It’s all about you and how you can win a 4GB iPod Shuffle and $20 iTunes gift certificate by getting involved too. Read on…

Bargainista and Parent Club have arranged a friendly Fit-in 15 competition between our two sites. Who will win the much coveted (very-non-official) Fit-in 15 trophy*?

Monday, June 22 (that’s this Monday people!) go for a 15-minute brisk walk. You can do it downtown – on your lunch break. Quick step your way to your favourite store for some power shopping. Push the stroller to the park. Walk to pick the kids up from school. However you can fit-in 15 minutes of fitness into your day.

Then, (pah-leez), come over to Bargainista and comment before 6 p.m. ET The blog with the most reader comments on Monday (by 6 p.m.) “wins” the competition and gets to display the virtual trophy.

So how can you win?

It’s easy. Do your bit. Take a brisk 15 min. walk. Leave your comment on the blog. All comments will be tossed into a virtual hat and one lucky commenter who is chosen by random will get a 4GB iPod Shuffle and a $20 iTunes gift certificate courtesy of Fit-in 15.

It doesn’t matter where you live to get involved. Only comments from Canadian residents will be eligible for the Shuffle and iTunes gift certificate.

[Disclaimer: we devised the trophy/competition all-by-ourselves. It is not an acutal competition endorsed by Fit-in 15. It's a buddy-system competition to get ourselves - and you - moving]


  1. I went for a brisk 30-minute walk to the Oakville lakefront and back this morning. Perfect weather! What a lovely way to start the day. Then I saw your post, so here's my comment. I love the idea of Fit in 15 because EVERYONE can find 15 minutes during the day to be active!

  2. Donna, that sounds lovely. It reminds me of when I used to live in Halifax and within walking distance of the waterfront. I've been doing a lot of extra walking lately too and planning on taking a bunch of my co-workers along with me at lunchtime (they won't be entered in the draw).

    Keep up the great work and good luck!


  3. Justin Gill10:01 am

    Hello! I went on a brisk 15 minute walk from the ferry terminal to wear I work (in Halifax) in the drizzle. Because I was walking at a brisk rate the cold and rain didn't bother me. If the weather is nice at lunch I'll also be going out for another walk.

    It's supposed to be wet all week - hopefully the sunshine is around the corner!

    Thanks and take care!


    jdgill AT gmail DOT COM

  4. I get my daily 30-min walk in with my sweet, little pug.

    I swear that having a dog helps me to keep in shape since rain or shine, I have a reason to spring out of bed and get my sneakers on.

    It gives me a chance to notice how beautiful our neighborhood is, meet new people and stay fit.

    Maybe you should be giving away dogs!!! Ha Ha!

  5. Tanya's dog comment goes for me . . . in addition to the elliptical maching three times a week and yoga twice a week, I walk my energetic dog (a Viszla) every morning for 20 minutes at 5:45 a.m. Best way by far to start a day

  6. I appear to have joined the doggy fitness club. Cooper (4 months) wakes me up between 5 and 5:20 every morning these days. At first, I was just dragging my butt out to the back garden for him to do his thing, but I've graduated.

    This morning, and every morning for the last two weeks, we've gone for a hike/run in one of the local ravines.

    After yesterday's Fathers Day trip to African Lion Safari (during which much junk food was consumed), I made a point of doing the "extra brisk" version of the hike this morning.

    15 minutes out and 15 minutes back. Does that get me an 8GB iPod? :-)

  7. I took a very nice 15 minute early morning walk! I feel terrific! Thanks! :D

    jess^^^4002 [at] gmail [dot] com
    (without the ^^^)

  8. I did a 30 minute workout video yesterday. I'm sore all over but feel invigorated.

  9. Way to go Eden! Great that you're adding 15 minutes of activity to your day. I did my usual lunchtime power walk. Although since it's 30 degrees out and I'm 30 weeks pregnant it was more of an ambling waddle but at least I got my heart rate up and that's what counts!

  10. Anonymous1:39 pm

    I took a power walk down to the lake shore this afternoon to eat my lunch! I rarely take the time to step away from my desk to have lunch, never mind actually go outside in the sun (it makes it so hard to come back). This was a great reminder!

  11. I just got back from my lunchtime power walk a few minutes ago.

    It's amazing to see so many of you taking part today - I hope those of you who are new to daily activity keep it up. Thanks for sharing your activities too.

    Who knows, perhaps I'll even be able to wrangle up another prize. Good luck everyone!

  12. Did a power walk as a warm up before my workout in the gym today. Set it for 15 minutes and found it was the best warm up I've ever done!

  13. I did three 15-min walks today between gigs. It was such a fantastic day out, I skipped the subway and streetcars in favour of walking.


  14. Dan, after a weekend away, it's good to know you were motivated enough to add an extra 15 min. to your exercise routine.

    Thanks again to everyone who participated. I hope you're all feeling as inspired as I am.

    Stay tuned for an announcement about the winner soon.



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