Monday, October 12, 2009

Danier Factory Outlet may surprise you

Mr. B. wanted a new leather jacket. He found one he liked at Danier’s Yorkdale store on sale for $100 off the ticketed price. Being the savvy shopper he is, he wanted me to take a visit to Danier’s St. Clair Factory Outlet.

Like the mall locations, I found Danier’s sales help quite aggressive. So we kindly let the saleswoman who shadowed us upon arrival, that we were okay – thanks.

Within a few minutes, Mr. B. found the same black leather bomber he had seen at Yorkdale for an additional $50 off.

As much as I would have liked a new leather jacket (I’ve been wanting one with a zipout lining for years), I hadn’t planned on buying one. A leather jacket is a substantial purchase and something I’m unlikely to consider as an impulse buy.

The outlet location is much larger than the mall stores with several clearance racks – perfect for leather lovers on a tight budget. I perused the deep-discounted coats and jackets. There were some great finds but nothing that fit me properly.

Mr. B, on the other hand, decided I should have a leather jacket too. Whaaaaa? This was not characteristic of our shopping trips. Even more unusual, he picked out an awesome jacket for me. Of course it wasn’t on sale but we decided since the last leather jacket was one I bought myself as a university graduation gift, it was time to get a new one.

Hmm, outlet location, two jackets – one at regular price. Let’s see what I can do. I asked the salesperson if there was anything they could do about the price. (Just so you know, I despite the name of this blog, I don’t make a habit of negotiating ticket prices with stores. However, this was a factory outlet. We were buying two of their better-quality leather jackets and one wasn’t marked down. What did I have to lose?)

Ask and ye shall receive. The manager gave me 10% off my jacket. Still no bargain but I was happy to take what I could get.

What good deals have you found lately? Have you ever tried negotiating on a price (cars and homes don’t count), if so, what happened?
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  1. Good for you! It doesn't hurt to ask, especially since you were shopping at an "outlet" where the garment was being sold for regular price.

  2. Thanks Donna. That was my feeling exactly. If it's an outlet, as a customer, I expected every item to be offered at a lower price than at the regular street or mall locations.




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