Saturday, October 17, 2009

Help raise money and set a Guinness World Record to #BeatCancer

For my October series of weekly posts to raise awareness for breast cancer in honour of my friend Andrea, here’s something we can all do to help… and it’s so simple.

I'm helping to raise funds to
#beatcancer, by blogging, tweeting
and posting Facebook status

Click here to join me!

All you need to do is Tweet, update your Facebook status or write a blog post including the hashtag “#beatcancer” until noon EST today and eBay/PayPal and Miller Coors will donate 1 cent to cancer research. It’s part of a campaign to raise money and awareness to beat cancer. Lend a helping hand and be part of this social media experiment to try and set a Guinness World Record for the most social media mentions in 24 hours (yes, I know, this post is a bit late but there’s nothing like the present for a good cause.)

There are four charities listed on the #BeatCancer website where you can make a direct donation. For us Canadian folks, you may prefer making a donation to a local organization. I’ll be making one to rethink breast cancer today.

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