Monday, July 12, 2010

Mabel's Labels give new meaning to lifesavers

For the past few years, I’d only been hearing wonderful things about Mabel’s Labels but being the cost-conscious person I am, I opted for the cheap iron-on labels when labelling my kids’ clothes for summer camp.

This year it was different. L’il Spo had grown a tonne and needed lots of new clothes. We'd run out of the iron-on labels and I had run out of time, not to mention desire to iron labels in the midst of a heatwave.

I kept reading all kinds of tweets from other moms who were swearing by Mabel’s Labels. So, after lots of humming and hawing and the promise of a quick turnaround by @mabelhood, I bit the bullet and placed an order for stick-on labels aka “Classic Tag-mates”.

My order was placed on a Sunday night and by Tuesday, I had my 75 labels. I didn’t even opt for express postage. What a lifesaver!

Before the Tag-mates arrived, I fretted over the size and style. Even though I had the opportunity to preview the final product online, I worried if they’d look to young for my almost-12-year-old and if they'd be too big. When they arrived, I was pleasantly pleased they looked exactly as ordered (text-only, no cutesy colours or icons designed for younger kids). But I was surprised as how small they were, which made them a bit difficult to apply. I know, I know, the dimensions are right on the website but c’mon who really takes out a ruler and checks, not me. Otherwise, they were quick to apply and easy to use. The real test will be if they’re still on all my L’il Spo’s clothes when he returns from camp.

Regardless, I’ve become a Mabel’s Labels convert. There are lots of other products to choose from so whether you’re still preparing your child’s clothing for camp or thinking about labeling them for school or daycare, have a look. While you're there, check out the other items including stationary and kid safety products too.

Cool tips:
If you shop between now and August 6 and spend $80 or more, you can save $25 on a purchase between October 5-November 2.

Oh ya, I searched for a discount code online and saved 10% on my order. Try entering “DEALPL” and see what happens.

While your at it, check out the Mabel’s Labels LOL Essentials Combo Kit Giveaway at Serendipity mommy.

Check out all the ways you can keep in touch with Mabel’s Labels.

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  1. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Thanks for all your tips, my biggest problem is not naming everything at the beginning but when I add to school uniform during the year I never get round to labeling those extra pieces! Check out these guys, I swear by their iron on labels for children, they have really lasted the test of time of our family.

  2. Great tips... will there be a follow up as to if the labels stayed on after camp? haha, I'm curious :)

    Cristina from

  3. I've heard great things about Mabel's Labels. Thanks for the review!

  4. These labels look great. I confess that I bought labels only once when my kids went to camp. They were not Mabel's and they fell off in the wash. After that I bought a fabric pen and wrote their last name and first initial on their stuff. Worked great. I think I paid $2 for the pen in a craft store.


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