Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zinger checks out new games from Disney Interactive

Last year L’il Spo was in town when High Road Communications (now my employer) invited us to the Disney Interactive Studios Family Fun Event. This year, he was at camp so I asked one of my colleagues if he and his son aka “Zinger” would like to go in our place. Of course Zinger accepted the invitation and returned the favour by writing the following guest post.

Recently I got to go to the Royal Ontario Museum to the Disney Interactive Studios event with my mom and dad. We went to a special room on the fourth floor to play video games! The room was filled with TVs, DSs, Xbox 360s and Wiis. It was busy! There were lots of kids playing video games. Here are the games I got to try:

1. Sonny with a Chance (DS)
This game is awesome. I don't know what the goal is of the game but you can do all this fun stuff like get in a mashed potato fight. Mom doesn’t normally let me get in mashed potato fights.

2. Guilty Party (Wii)
I really wanted to buy this game right away because it was my favourite but you couldn’t buy the games at the event. It has a cool mystery, you can play up to four people (I played with my Mom and she liked it a lot too), and you get to interrogate and accuse different characters.

3. Camp Rock (DS)
I liked this game, but it was a bit difficult to play the drums. You can do really cool stuff and talk to other characters. I liked exploring Camp Rock!

4. Disney Party Hits (Wii)
You can sing all these awesome songs, like Owl City’s Fireflies. I really like that song. It’s like you’re the only voice singing it.

5. Disney Sing-it Family Hits (Wii)
This game was like Disney Party Hits but you can sing all the hit Disney songs from the movies. I sang “I Wouldn’t Have Nothing If I Didn't Have You” with my Dad. It’s from Monsters Inc. Mom really wanted to sing a song from The Little Mermaid.

6. Cars Towmater’s Tall Tales (Wii)
This game was really difficult for me, especially driving the cars. If I got more practice I could get better at it.

7. There was also a new Tron game on the Xbox and Wii at the event that looked super cool with glow effects. All the dads were playing it and talking to a guy who helped make the game. I didn’t get a chance to play it but my dad says we’ll have to get it. He’s so old he saw the movie.

That’s what I got to play and it didn’t feel like we were at the museum at all. Really, how often do you get to play video games at the museum?

Full disclosure: Disney Interactive Studios is a High Road Communications client. I don’t work on the account and neither does Zinger’s dad.
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  1. Wow, this is great! Thanks Zinger! It makes sense to have children try and review these games rather than adults. The market tells us one thing, but kids aren't trying to sell the game, they're just being completely honest about what they thing of it. This is a great guidline for me as I'll be looking for such games for my four nieces this Christmas.

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  3. Me and my daughter are super jealous! Sounds like a lot of fun. I love playing online games with my daughter. So far we only tried the games on CBC, TVO and PBS. The latter two have good, educational games. My daughter used to love WebKinz and has just gotten into Build-a-Bear's virtual world. I'm tempted to get her a membership to Club Penguin - but not sure if it's worth the price. Frankly, we got my daughter a Nintendo DS and got the Disney TinkerBell game and it was generally a disaster (non-educational, boring, and greatly above her reading level). The leapfrog games are generally much better (she loves Ratouille and Princess and the Frog). I'd love to see what else Disney Interactive has coming out.


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