Friday, November 26, 2010

Online shopping keeps getting better

A second post about holiday shopping is a second post featuring the Star’s Holiday Gift Guide and Jennifer Wilson’s Yes, there’s an app for that where yours’ truly was interviewed once again.

Whether you shop online or not, there are so many amazing tools these days to help simplify the task of holiday shopping.

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  1. Great tips! The only one I can offer is to so your shopping alone. Don't go with a friend to try and make a day of it because it causes distraction and you may not get everything crossed off your list. Schedule another shopping date together, maybe for Boxing Day shopping! And for moms, I think it's also best to shop sans the little tykes lol. Again, you'll get MUCH more done =)

  2. oops! The previous comment was meant for your holiday shopping post lol. Thanks!

  3. Great tip Cristina, thanks!


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