Monday, November 01, 2010

Turn old clothes into new cash all year round

In this week’s baby bargainista column, Jenny shares how she turned her daughters’ outgrown clothing and toys into cash – and how you can too.

For a change, instead of writing about getting bargains, I’m writing about giving bargains – selling your pre-loved baby clothes and toys.

Even though I hunt out sales and used clothes whenever possible, when you add it all up I’ve spent quite a bit on clothes for Girl #1 over the last 5 years – and she’s also been gifted with many adorable outfits that were barely worn as she grew quickly into the school-ager she is today. I happily passed many of these on to #2, and now SHE’S growing out of them!

With no future babymaking plans, and no family or friends expecting in the near future, I decided it was time for these togs to find a new home – and figured I might get back a little bit of what I’ve spent while I’m at it!

When looking to sell clothes that are in good condition, you can’t go wrong with Once Upon a Child. I’ve bought many items there over the years and have raved about them in the past – and I’m happy to report that the process of selling clothes and toys to them is easy, painless, and simple. Just bring your items to the store at any time; their staff will comb through them and offer you a fair price (usually $4 for name-brand clothes, $10 and up for large toys such as bouncers) on the spot.

A few tips to keep in mind before you go:
1. If you bring a lot of items, it can take the staff up to an hour to go through them – so you might want to plan to drop off your things, go for coffee, then come back (or risk spending your time shopping in their store as I did, and end up spending as much as you made from selling!)

2. They won’t accept toys without batteries or clothes that haven’t been washed – so come prepared; do any pressing or mending beforehand.

3. They have a very high standard so you may end up taking more items back home with you than you planned. I ended up bringing home a few items that I had thought were in pristine condition – until the staff pointed out faint stains or small tears. Oops!

4. For best results, call ahead to find out what sizes and seasons they’re buying; you might get a better price if the item you’re looking to sell is in demand, or about to be (for example, August is the best time to sell back-to-school stuff like jeans, jackets, and boots).

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