Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tip of the Week – Books, cards and calendars for less

A few weeks ago, my 9-yr-old showed me a coffee table book at Indigo he wanted for Chanukah. When I saw the $50 CDN price tag I gasped (it was marked $40 US). I’m thrilled he loves books but thought $50 for one was a bit steep.

I inquired if they’d be honouring U.S. prices. A cashier told me to check the price online. Sure enough, Nicktoons was selling for $33 CDN online ($31.35 for iRewards customers). I added a couple other items from my gift list and saved the shipping costs too.

I like the convenience of online shopping but wish pricing and promotions were the same for one store regardless of the channel I choose.

This week, the Chapters•Indigo chain launched an in-store promo too. Save 10-40% (or more) until Dec. 24 on:
greeting cards
Chicken Soup and Klutz series.

I scooped up a new children’s reference book for 45% off the marked price - they combined two promos!

Although some of the in-store coupons say they are for one item only, cashiers aren’t collecting them. You can use them more than once!

Keep an eye out for other retailers offering books, cards, magazines and gift wrap for U.S. prices.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about this promotion. I spend tons of money every month on stationery and greeting cards, and have found that I head to Chapters or Indigo more often than Hallmark or Carlton these days. I'm heading out to stock up for the next few months!

  2. You're welcome, Vasta. I wouldn't stockpile greeting cards just yet. Instead, I'd buy enough cards to get you through the holiday season but wait until after Christmas to stock up on stationery and cards for the 2008 holiday season.


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