Saturday, December 08, 2007

Strange shopping stories on a sunny Saturday

The store I bitched about last week is trying to redeem itself but still won’t sell me the memory card in question for $9.99 as marked. I asked a sales associate at another location in the chain what she’d charge a customer for a mis-marked display item. Without hesitation she said “I’d charge the price as marked, how could I expect to charge you another amount. Customer service is my number one priority.” Then she proceeded to give me some free fragrance samples and told me to call head office. Now that’s what I call service.

Coach took out full-page newspaper ads today letting customers know they’ve adjusted their Canadian prices to match those in the U.S. I’m not sure why they bothered doing so today of all days because they sent postcards to select customers offering them 25% off all purchases. There must have been 100 customers waiting in line outside the store. Once again, I didn't receive one. Did you? Guess I’m still not Coach-worthy. BTW, Coach is now shipping to Canada.

Indigo (Chapters, etc.) has stopped giving out the coupon books they promoted so aggressively last weekend. Although the coupons will still be honoured until Dec. 24, they aren’t being handed out anymore and I suspect they are collecting them more diligently now. Seems like they were overwhelmed by the volume of sales last week and underwhelmed by the profit margins. There’s a new in-store promo this weekend: sales associates are handing out photocopied coupons offering customers 15% off book purchases of $50 or more (25% off for irewards customers) upon request.

Have you noticed any shopping oddities lately? Please share.

photo credit: ilrraa on Flickr

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