Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Winners and losers

Some people have luck with discount department stores. Not me! I once found my husband a great Ben Sherman leather belt for only $25 but that was an exception. I never find anything for myself. Some of my friends have a great knack for sorting through the racks and scoring the latest designer sweater for next to nothing. Oh, I wish I had that kind of patience...

And boy, was my patience tested recently. I tried returning a toy my son received as a gift. Part of the price tag was still on with the store's name and product item number intact. I didn't have the bill and the store didn't want to take it back because they said it was from a past season. They finally offered me $3 and said they would donate the toy to charity. My son decided to keep it and donate it to Sick Kids himself. What a mensch!

I'm used to the no hassle return policy at my neighbourhood Mastermind, so this whole experience took me by surprise but I'm grateful to that other store for making me a proud mom.

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