Monday, March 19, 2007

Are you Coach worthy?

Yesterday, while I was at Yorkdale, I walked passed Coach. The doors were shut, the store was hopping and there was a big line of customers waiting patiently outside.

I walked over to see what was going on. One man told me it was just a normal day at Coach. Not! I’ve been by enough times to know they doors are usually open and line-ups aren’t the norm. Another woman showed me a postcard she received as a spring promo with 25% off merchandise from March 18-March 25.

How’d you get one of those?” I asked.
“It came in the mail,” she explained.
“We’ll I thought I was on the list. Wonder why I didn’t get one?” I said.

Oh well, since I’m not in the market for a new Coach bag, I moved on. About half-hour later, I walked by again. The doors were still closed. The store was still hopping but only a couple customers were waiting outside.

The door opened. The salesperson let a customer out. I took the opportunity to ask why I hadn’t received a postcard too. I own a Coach bag. I bought it there last year.

“Well,” she explained, “our head office decides who to send promos to, we have 25,000 customers and we can't always send them to everyone.” (Duh! Why not?)

“But I’ve had a Coach bag for almost a year. I’m sure I’m on your mailing list and I’ve never received anything. What about customer loyalty?” I answered. Aren’t I “Coach-worthy” too? I thought to myself.

She told me she’d let me in and not to worry, if I wanted to go in and buy something, I’d get the discount. Unfortunately, as much as I’d love one, I needed new clothes more and sometimes a girl just has to say no, even to a great deal.

If you want a new Coach bag (or other in-store goodies) but you didn’t get a postcard, grab your old Coach bag, head on over, tell them you’re a loyal customer and you want 25% off. Show them you’re Coach-worthy too!

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