Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dear Bargainista - #9

Connie from Toronto writes:
Hi Bargainista!
I thought you might be able to help us. My husband was quite devoted to the wrinkle-free/iron-free khakis from The Gap, but they no longer make them. Have you found any other easy-care khakis in your travels?

Thank you,

Hi Connie.
I did some “fishing” and here’s what I came up with to solve your husband’s dilemma:

Tilley Endurables has a whole line of men's wrinkle-free khakis and other pants.

Orvis is an established American company who sells wrinkle-free chinos.

Turns out Lee jeans also makes a pair. They’re sold on

Finally, just in case the above aren’t suitable, the ever-dependable Dockers also has their own version of sold on

Hope this helps. Let me know what you find.

Happy shopping,
Mich (from Chicago)

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  1. I'll personally vouch for the Dockers khakis. They're the only brand I buy: comfortable, durable, and they look darn good too. I know it's a bit of a trek from Toronto, but the Levi's outlet in Niagara Falls has a whole section dedicated to the Dockers khakis, and the prices are pretty decent as well.

    Oh, and Eden, you caught me on a bad couple of weeks. I'm still working on it!

  2. Vasta, thanks for the tip!


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