Sunday, March 25, 2007

Toronto Fashion Bloggers’ Brunch V: recap

Today I went to Toronto Fashion Bloggers’ Brunch V. We met at Il Gusto. Decent food and reasonable prices but a cozy spot like this is meant for parties of 2 or 4, not groups of 10 or so, like us. ; )

Other bloggers in attendance were:
• Adrian (poster designer) from Fashion Verbatim
• Anita from I want - I got
• Carolyn from the Toronto Fashion Incubator
• Danielle from Final Fashion
• Gina from Keep on Shopping
• Henna from Canadian Beauty
• Tiffanie (event organizer) from

Discussions revolved around Toronto Fashion Week from the perspective of the audience, the media and the publicists; and, discussing the where fashion and social media collide.

As for Toronto Fashion Week, The highlight was learning about Pat McDonagh’s show. It was a celebration of her 40 years in the biz. The theme of her show was inspired by An Inconvenient Truth. Ironically, her clothing was made from synthetic fabrics and often paired with fur. Most intriguing was her use of penguin motifs on formal wear. Not sure it’s my thing but according to my fashionista friends, her loyal fans lapped it up. I quite like the coat in the photo but you wouldn’t catch me in a fur hat.

And as for social media, we discussed MySpace (“so last year”), Facebook (“it’s where everyone is now”) and LinkedIn (“the place to be for professional networking”); controlled vs. uncontrolled communication; and, bloggers as trusted sources of information.

By the way, I’m booking the restaurant for TFBB VI. Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Anonymous12:06 am

    Sounds like some good conversation! Sorry I missed it!


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