Thursday, July 31, 2008

Okay, so I finally blew it but I’m determined to get back on track

Once I started deviating from NutriSystem and eating junk food other than the occasional ice cream or gelato, I had trouble stopping. To make matters worse, I was on a mini-vacation last week and my hosts were quick to express their disappointment when I suggested I eat salad with tuna instead of their cooking.

You guessed it... I’ve gained back a few nasty pounds. I need to learn not to be discouraged. I need to remember I’m still hanging on to my original goal of 25 pounds and down three sizes!

I have lots of NutriSystem dinners on hand because I’m pretty good about knowing how and what to eat for dinner at home or at restaurants so on maintenance I’d been pretty religious about sticking to the plan except for dinners.

I inquired about ordering more breakfasts and lunches from NutriSystem but that option isn’t available – at least not to Canadian customers.

Feeling desperate, I asked one of their PR company’s reps for help. NutriSystem came through and thanks to them, I have an order of breakfasts and lunch bars on their way.

Losing the weight was challenging and keeping all of it off is even tougher but I’m determined not to go back to the weight I was when I started the NutriSystem Challenge last winter.


  1. It sounds disappointing that they don't have the full line of food available to the average Canadian customer. Have they said anything about addressing this? Some of us who have followed your progress might otherwise get discouraged from trying out their program...

  2. You never come off as desperate, Eden! : )

    P.S. You've been a blogging machine lately!

  3. Connie, I haven't heard anything yet but I hope they are paying attention. I'd be happy to place a minimum order as long as it consisted of specific foods I want to buy.

    Rayanne, You should have been at my house tonight. I haven't stopped eating. ;-)

  4. I think this just means you're human. :) As they say, just get back on track and those pounds will come right off. Congrats on your weight loss success. Now, time for me to get back into my running regimen...

  5. I'm trying to get back on track and I've been reading about your running on twitter. Keep up the great work. Perhaps we can keep each other motivated.


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