Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekly Wish – a new cell phone (and so much more)

When it comes to the digital world, I’m pretty comfortable. Sometimes the computer keyboard feels like a natural extension of my body. I’ve been living online since 1995 and loving every minute, even in the days of dial-up (yawn!).

Okay, I have a confession to make. There’s one big exception. When it comes to mobile technology, I’m still a bit of a luddite. I don’t have a Blackberry but I know how to surf the web and tweet with one. I have a plain old utilitarian cell phone. And, guess what I use it for? That’s right, making phone calls. I barely even use text. If I do, it’s usually because one of my friends has sent me a text message and they know better than to expect a reply. Shh! Please don’t tell anyone!

I’d love a mobile device with all the bells and whistles but I’ve never paid more than $30 for a cell phone. I got my current one for free as part of a 36-month plan. It has another 13 months left and I don’t want to pay the penalty. Besides, the monthly charge is only $20!

Well, old habits die hard, but with the launch of the iPhone in Canada tomorrow and Samsung’s Instinct next month, I’m wishing to get in on all the fun. Both these devices have all kinds of great features and are much easier to carry around than my treasured MacBook. I’m having a great time chatting with @theinstinct on twitter too.

As much as I’ve been an Apple lover and owner for almost 20 years, with the lower data rate plan, The Instinct seems like more of a bargain but in all fairness, I want to see for myself by comparing it with the iPhone and decide which one offers the best value. (I’ve decided not to bore you with the details because they’ve been posted all over the ’Net and you can read about them elsewhere.)

Will you be lining up for the iPhone tomorrow? Waiting for the Instinct? Doing neither? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


  1. Anonymous5:05 am

    I guess it's not bad to like want for something extravagant once in a while. For a change, why don't you try getting one?

  2. Anonymous10:57 am

    OMG Eden, you sound just like me. Even my friends laugh at me because I'm little miss net geek but hate texting... And my cell phone seems to *always* be a few years behind the times.

    However it all changed because I made the jump to an iPhone yesterday! To be honest the amount I will be paying monthly makes me want to throw up. (almost 2 pairs of shoes a month!)

    I'm LOVING it though and I'm *sooo* happy with my decision. Worth every penny. Obviously too it works so well with my iMac which makes me even more happy

  3. OMG Kelly, you lucky girl. I've been following you and your iPhone on twitter this weekend. Enjoy!

  4. Anonymous9:49 am

    I love my iPhone whatever you do though don't download the game trism its too addicting and you won't do anything else

  5. Jay, Thanks for stopping by and warning us about trism. I was out with a friend last night who showed us his new iPhone 3G. He loves it but still thinks bberries are the way to go for email. I'm still sitting on the fence. Enjoy your iPhone.


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