Sunday, July 20, 2008

What were they thinkng?

I can’t believe someone even suggested 212 Sexy Men as a name for a fragrance. Would you buy something with that name? I wouldn’t. I don’t care how nice it smells or that it’s part of Carolina Herrera’s collection. Besides, what would I do with 212 men?

Occasionally, I’m going to post pictures of wacky products I’ve found. Feel free to send in your pictures of other wacky products and I may post them here too.


  1. hahaha! that is hilarious!
    that name certainly stands out from the crowd.
    i saw this fragrance called - annie has a gun.. or something??

  2. Anonymous8:25 am

    I doubt they were thinking of two hundred and twelve men. "212" is the area code for Manhattan. Still, I agree that 212 Men is a stinky name for a fragrance.

  3. Anonymous11:10 am

    Ugh..this reminds me of the new Paris Hilton perfume called Can Can!! CAN CAN!!

  4. bleh...not feeling it at all! 212 Sexy men...for real? was there not a focus group that said something???

  5. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Now that reminds me of a subject line for something that ends up in my spam file...

  6. Anonymous11:09 am

    I think all the comments for this post demonstrate why they went with this name and I suspect they did use a focus group - all from NYC. Donna, I didn't even think of the 212 area code. I suspect you're right. Goes to show the importance of cultural sensitivities when developing a brand name. 212 has a different meaning depending on your perspective.


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