Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bargainista interviews dagg and stacey

dagg and stacey are an awesome Toronto-based design duo. Their womens’ clothing line is available at select boutiques across North America and Japan. I recently had the opportunity to interview them.

B: Who are Dagg and Stacey?
D&S: Dagg and Stacey is a womens contemporary boutique line developed [with] our combined inspiration (Karen Dagg & Stacey Paterson). Sold at boutiques across North America and now available in Japan, our label is known for its eclectic use of colour, pattern and texture with each piece framed by our philosophy of creating beautifully cut and consistently feminine designs.

B: What inspired your 2008 Fall/Winter collection?
D&S: Inspired by the pages of a yearbook, our Fall/Winter 2008 collection harkens to the Ivy League colleges of the early 1970s. A modern silhouette is fused with the classic reminders of scholastic style.

B: What type of customer do you have in mind when designing a new collection?
D&S: We design for a woman whose attention to quality and style are paramount. She is socially conscious and has a great appreciation for clothes that are crafted with care in Canada.

B: If a woman can only buy one piece of clothing this season, what should it be?
D&S: We definitely think a Dagg and Stacey piece would be a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Specificallyfor this season, every woman should have a knock out party dress like our strapless velvet number, the Radcliffe (pictured).

B: Will you have more than sample sizes available at your sale this weekend?
D&S: Yes, we'll have a range of sizes available from the current season, samples and some select styles from seasons past.

B: Any hints as to what we can expect from Dagg and Stacey's Spring/Summer 2009 collection?
D&S: For our up coming season we found inspiration in the memoir Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen. At the height of British Imperialism many people found themselves able to travel to new and exciting countries. We tried to capture the spirit of this intoxicating journey. Check out the attached photo as a sneak peak.

Check out the dagg and stacey sample sale this weekend and their Facebook fan page.
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