Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Meet my new friend Marc as in Marc Jacobs

I needed a new full-length winter coat. I have the great big, warm hooded down coat and I decided it was time to get something more stylish that I could wear day or night, for casual and more formal occasions.

Maybe I left if a bit too late. Maybe with the sagging economy, manufacturers and retailers didn’t think people would be laying out the bucks for new outerwear this season. Whatever it was, the pickings were slim.

Kathryn and Rayanne were exchanging tweets about where they bought their new winter coats. With no time to go downtown, I searched all over Yorkdale. I had seen a nice looking coat on the rack at Banana Republic. Unfortunately, it didn’t look good on me. I’d seen some nice coats on the cheap at H&M. The fabric felt a bit scratchy though. I debated whether or not it was worth buying on for $100 that I’d be tired of after a year and passed in the end.

Zara had some great looking coats in the same price-range as Banana. Problem is by mid-Saturday afternoon, they’re all picked over and several coats had buttons hanging by a thread. Sorry, Zara, sloppy merchandising even on a busy day is a big turn off, particularly when it comes to high-priced items.

So, on a whim, I dragged Mr. B. to Holts. Except for my Bobbi Brown make-up must-haves, I haven’t shopped there in ages. I took a quick look around at the sale racks scattered throughout.

Then I saw it, hanging on a sale rack behind the cash in the contemporary fashions department.. I found the perfect navy coat on sale for 30% off. It was Marc by Marc Jacobs. Believe-it-or-not, on sale, it didn’t cost much more than the coats I had seen at the chain stores. Well worth an extra $100 for a designer coat with far more attention to detail. Don’t ya think?

I usually stay away from navy but I liked it and besides, the same style in black wasn’t on sale. I decided to splurge. I’m glad I did.

What have you splurged on lately?

FYI, Holts had another markdown a few days after I bought my coat. I was surprised to learn they don’t offer price adjustments. (I wonder if their policy will change as Canadian retailers start feeling the hit of the recession?) On the bright side, my coat is still selling for the price I paid and now the black one is on sale too.
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  1. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Great find! I've dreamed of owning anything Marc Jacobs. After destroying my previous winter coat, this year I invested in one from Soia & Kyo http://www.soiakyo.com/. I got the Fara down coat and love it. It's really warm and long (not to mention great looking), which is exactly what I was looking for.

  2. Sarah, Thanks for your comment. I love your coat and you are so right about it being both warm and stylish. I'm kind of excited to own a Marc Jacobs coat (I didn't pay much more than you did for your coat). Weird thing is I wore it shopping on Sunday and someone at Club Monaco spotted the Marc Jacobs coat right away. I felt kinda of strange - it's not like it has a logo or anything.

  3. Wow, can you see me turning green from where you are? I love Marc Jacobs!

    I never think of going into Holt's for anything other than cosmetics. I think these days there will be a lot of markdowns everywhere. I will consider it next time I am in the neighbourhood.

  4. Anonymous12:54 pm

    I love your new coat! It's a classic & well made so you should see it as an investment.

    I made two splurges this fall. One Nanette Lepore blazer in a blue denim-like tweed (kind of funky in denim) & one black blazer from Elizabeth & James. I often have functions to go to and never have anything to wear. These jackets are a perfect addition to my wardrobe. They're both extremely versatile and each is simple with some great detail. And so, I've learned, you can never go wrong with good classic investment pieces. I've worn both several times in the short time that I've owned them.

    Bargainista's sister,
    The Fashionista

  5. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Marc by Marc Jacobs is MY new friend too!!! When out shopping in Hollywood last week I found his stuff EVERYWHERE! I even found a Marc Jacob boutique on Melrose (didn't go in, though).

    Thanks to the Black Friday sales last week, my boyfriend splurged on me by buying me 2 Betsie Johnson dresses... it was like a dream. We bought them at their largest store in America on Melrose. I'm really happy because they told me they carry a lot of 0s... so I believe I'll be back ;)

  6. Anonymous3:41 pm

    PS: I love your sisters moniker... hilarious.

  7. Amrita, I hear you. I usually shop at Holts when I need some Bobbi Brown. Occasionally, they have sale items at great prices. I wanted to buy an awesome long cardigan for less than $100 but they only had one and it was a large - too big. There are some great finds at sale time.

    Fashionista, I've seen you Nanette Lepore blazer and I wish I had one like that to wear with jeans. The fabric and cut is amazing.

    Casey, Thanks so much for your comment. Sounds like shopping in Hollywood is fun. Marc by Marc Jacobs can be had in Toronto but not everywhere. Two women have already stopped me on the street to say "Marc Jacobs, right". It was a bit weird. One of them had the same coat in red. I would have loved a red one. The only Betsey Johnson store I've been in is in Montreal! Enjoy your new dresses.

  8. Take a picture of you with your Marc Jacobs coat. I want to see it! I still looking for a elegant winter coat; I should check Holt.

    Sarah, I also bought the Fara coat, in light grey. It looks amazing for a warm coat.


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