Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last-minute shopping For kids

In this week’s baby bargainista column, Jenny shares her experience as a last-minute shopper.

I confess: I am, in many ways, a classic last-minute shopper. I always try to get the bulk of my list completed well before the holidays, but inevitably, some late-season errand will send me out to the stores – usually to fetch tissue paper or scotch tape – where I am completely and utterly helpless against the siren call of the impulse holiday buy.

Happily, this often means that I can pick up some small items at a reduced price that are perfect for stuffing stockings, as retailers often slash prices right before Christmas in an effort to clear holiday-related merchandise from the racks. It’s also a perfect opportunity for me to replenish my stash of “emergency” gifts – ubiquitous items like candle holders, pretty boxes, photo frames or albums, that I keep on hand for use as hostess gifts or for co-workers, teachers, and the like.

This week I lucked out at Indigo Books & Music. While picking up some of the last things on my list I happened by a rack of Melissa & Doug toys at 20% off! The same offer is on the Indigo website, while supplies last – so if you’re looking for any last-minute kids’ toys, I highly recommend taking advantage of the deal.

I’m a huge fan of Melissa & Doug toys – they’re high quality, and the fact that most of their toys are made of wood puts any lingering fears about BPA to rest. I can personally recommend the Deluxe Wooden Easel; it’s the perfect height for 3-5 year olds, and while it folds up for easy storage, we tend to keep it open at our daughter’s “art station” in the kitchen; she enjoys doodling and practicing her letters on the chalkboard or the dry-erase board while her Dad and I tend to cooking and cleaning.

If you take advantage of the sale, let us know in the comments!
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