Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back on the NutriSystem bandwagon

Kirstie Alley might be the most famous rebound dieter to tell her story this month but she’s not he only one.

Well, despite all your wonderful support, slipped into some of my bad habits again and gained back about half of the weight I lost last year.

Good news! A representative for NutriSystem Canada read my tweets and offered to replenish my supply. Despite my initial elation and subsequent resistance, I’ve been on the program the past three weeks.

Getting back on track hasn’t been without its bumps along the way. Once I finally submitted my order, it took six weeks to arrive. Unfortunately, for NutriSystem, the first order they were going to hand deliver, was stolen.

My order also came with several substitutions, some I wasn’t crazy about. I wish they had a means of communicating this to customers first. I’d prefer choosing my own rather than some stranger who doesn’t know my likes and dislikes. A few weeks later, I was told they’d be happy to exchange the food I didn’t want. What I wasn’t told was the substitutions were made because NutriSystem pulled breakfast and lunch bars containing peanut butter out of their inventory because of salmonella concerns. I wish they’d have told me that upfront instead of leading me to believe they didn’t have their act together when fulfilling orders. I found out by accident googling NutriSystem.

These days, people are asking about my experience so instead of fat-blogging, I’ll provide occasional reports about the program and what NutriSystem Canada is doing to improve its service.

As for me, I’ll try my best to have regular weigh-ins (ignoring the scale was probably the worst thing I could do – weekly weigh-ins would have helped me nip that weight gain in the bud). I’ve also been more active. The biggest challenge right now, is sticking to the programs. My willpower has been pretty strong but not as strong as it was when I did the program last year. And by the way, I’ve lost about 4 pounds. My goal is another 6-10 more and keeping it off.
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  1. Good for you for getting back on the wagon before all the weight came back! Keeping it off after a weight loss is the hardest part -- I speak from experience. :)

    I'll be following your NutriSystem adventures closely as I am also trying to lose weight -- trying to rid myself of 10-12 lbs of baby weight. Unfortunately I don't think diet is an option because I'm breastfeeding, but maybe after weaning...

  2. Thanks Jenny! Sounds like we're looking at loosing a similar amount. Perhaps we can keep each other motivated.

    Don't hate me but I found baby weight easy to lose and assumed it was due to breastfeeding and lots of long walks with the babies.


  3. Julie the PR Maven8:18 pm

    I love your blog and your site, I read it often, I'm sorry about your weight gain. I am always weighing myself too(twice a day usually) and dieting. I'm not that big, but I have those pesky 5 pounds that just won't shed. I thought about Nutrisystem for a long time too .... but the thought of pre-packaged food in itty-bitty portions doesn't appeal to me, nor the cost. My suggestion is this Eden, and it's worked for me .. I exercise now 5 days a week and I only eat three meals a day, no snacks, nothing. The more you eat between meals, you will eat more calories. I also stopped drinking wine (just weekends) and nothing white in my diet (rice, bread, pasta). I have shed the 5 pounds and have kept it off. Nutrisystem is ok for a little while, but only when you are on it, when you walk away from that food, the pounds will come back. It's about portion control and exercise .. nothing fancy about it ... good luck my friend ...

  4. Julie, Thanks for your comment and kind words. I wished you'd left a link to your wonderful blog. (BTW, tt's on my Women who rock! blogroll.) I may not comment often but I read it, enjoy your perspective on the PR world, sense of humour and perspective on balancing a successful business with parenthood.

    Congrats on losing those stubborn 5 lbs.! Thanks for sharing your strategies for weight loss success.

    I've removed most of the white stuff from my diet (actually Nutrisystem did it for me.) I'm bit leery of the pre-packaged food too but I've actually been eating a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables since I've been on the program. Once I add them into the mix, my meals are actually quite large and filling.

    I'm not much of a drinker so cutting out alcohol hasn't been an issue - I've had two drinks in the past 4 weeks - one glass of wine - coincidentally, while hanging out with three of your former IPR co-hosts. I miss your perspective on the podcast. (Funny how we still haven't crossed paths in person.)

    Your right, it's a challenge when you go off these programs.

    My biggest downfall is probably the exercise. I walk A LOT but the one trade off I've made in this work-family life juggle has been the gym. I'm hoping to start cycling again, maybe tomorrow if the rain stays away.

    I've never been a fad dieter but NutriSystem seems to work for me. Another friend suggested Heart Healthy Meals. Seems a bit pricey but she swears by it and it's less expensive than other programs that deliever fresh meals to your door.

    I hope you stop by again.


  5. Anonymous3:55 am

    Yes I agree about Nutrisystem for losing weight. Its a useful for over weight people who sincerely want to reduce weight. I also try it and lose my 20 lbs weight. I have used Nutrisystem Coupon Codes and get Nutrisystem with low rates.

  6. Hi Eden,

    I've been considering Nutrisystem for a while (years, actually as my weight has fluctuated quite dramatically over the years- overall, is it a system you recommend?

    Please let me know! See you around!



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