Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twitter tees by Threadless

I get a lot of email from people asking me to blog about their companies or their clients. Most of the time, most of it either doesn’t interest me or isn’t a fit for Bargainista.

So, when I hear from a company I like and I’ve blogged about before, I usually pay attention. And when I hear from a company I like because it has partnered with another company I like, of course I’m going to share…

and Twitter have teamed up! You read that right. Today marks the launch of Twitter Tees by Threadless. Have a favourite tweet you want to wear? Want to turn your favourite 140-character-or-less expression into a t-shirt? Well now you have your chance.

Twitter Tees will feature tweets submitted and voted by Twitter users. Each t-shirt will be designed and produced by the awesome creative team at Threadless.

Two new t-shirts will be chosen and printed each week. And, just like the original Threadless community, if you’re tweet is selected, you’ll be rewarded – how’s US$360 and a US$140 Threadless gift certificate? But, you don’t have to initiate a tweet to reap the benefits either. As long as you’re on Twitter and you’re the first person to nominate someone’s tweet, you’ll get US$100 and a US$40 Threadless gift certificate. Sweet!

As the Threadless press release says,
“The Tweets collectively selected by Twitter users are sure to be fun, irreverent and emblematic of Twitter and its base of passionate users.”
Sounds like this will be fun. I’m curious to see if tweets will become more creative and how well Twitter Tees do compared to the original Threadless.

Is this a smart business decision or just a passing fad? Only time will tell. What do you think? Will you try and tweet your way to a Threadless tee?
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  1. *love* it! I hope the #threeturnoffwords start being put on the Tees (well, the funny ones, not the really gross ones). Tweets should provide a nearly infinite source of great t-shirts. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. After seeing some of the tweets lately, this could get very interesting. I'm not clear on whether or not you can still accumulate Threadless but I can't see why not. I'm sure I'll get sucked into the twittertee vortex soon enough. ;-)

  3. I am still partial to my own Twitter tee. However, these tees are pretty damn good - they will sell a TON of them


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