Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bargainmoose shares her Old Navy bargain hunting secrets

Welcome guest blogger Anna Moose. Anna is the author of Bargainmoose, a Canadian coupons and deal hunting website who has kindly offered to share her tried and true tips for big savings at Old Navy.

Here’s a hot tip for the fashion bargain hunters! I’m sure many of you shop at Old Navy, but did you know that you don't actually have to pay the retail prices in-store? With their printable coupons, you can save yourself a bomb on your clothing purchases. is a coupon hunting site from Old Navy. It is renewed weekly, with coupons that you can print out and use in Old Navy stores.

Here are examples of all the previous Old Navy coupons. As you can see, there are coupons to get a percentage off your shopping, or a flat rate discount. The biggest coupons are the $75 off $100s, but they are very hard to get! Even if you don’t manage to get the huge dollar discount coupons, a 25% coupon can still come in very handy!

Old Navy coupon hunting tips:
The Old Navy Weekly site updates once a week. Currently, this is late on a Thursday night, or in the early hours of Friday morning. If you want a chance at one of the really high value coupons, you need to be online when it updates, as the high value coupons are all gone within minutes.

To find the free coupons, you must click around the Old Navy site. Any time your mouse pointer turns into a hand (denoting a clickable link in your browser), click it and see if it is a coupon. Sometimes you have to drag and drop items to get the coupons. For example, one week you had to drag and drop a polo shirt onto one of the mannequins.

When you find a coupon, you will see a popup window where you can then send the coupon to your email. If the coupon has already expired, you still see the popup, but it usually has a “sorry” message.

If and when you find a coupon, you can usually send it straight to your email address. Normally, you can also send the same coupon to a Facebook friend.

Keep an eye on the banner at the top of the page, which shows how many of each of coupon remains. If you manage to find a coupon, maybe don’t accept it right away – you may find a better one if you keep looking.

Check out the Old Navy YouTube channel where they have lots of promotional videos. Some video contain information, which might be asked for on the coupon website to access a certain coupon. For example, one week they had a question, “Who is Christopher’s dad?”

Monitor the M80 website. This is blog which tells a bit about the coupon site each week, before it goes live.

Every week, there’s always something a little different, and sometimes it can be hard work to find those coupons!

The printable coupons are accepted at any Old Navy store in the U.S. and Canada. They are usually valid for about a week, but each week you can try and bag yourself a bigger and better coupon.

Happy shopping!
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  1. oh! This is an awesome post (I'm an Old Navy fan) and I love shopping for bargains. Mind if I feature this post on my new blog that's coming out soon? We're creating a blog that shares tips, advice and whatnot on shopping online and offline. :) - Natasha

  2. Hey Natasha, Glad you love the post. Why don't you send me a link to your blog and I can run your request by Anna. If you're blog is non-commercial, it would probably be okay provided you give us both credit and link back to our blogs as per my creative commons license.


  3. Great post! I also love shopping for bargains.because i know that saving money is very important aspect of our life.


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