Saturday, August 29, 2009

SPC cards - worth the $8.50 investment

I’ve told some people who asked me to if I’d be writing another back-to-school post that I’ve written one and I’m done. Well, that’s only sort of true. I’m done writing about anything that isn’t from direct personal experience doing back-to-school shopping with my kids.

A couple weeks ago, I was with Mr. B at Shoppers Drug Mart and saw a display full of Student Price Cards (SPC cards). I remember our eldest son mentioning something about them last year so I called him and asked if he’d like one. Immediately he told me about all the discounts his friends got during lunchtime at the nearby food court – yes, he wanted one. At $8.50 a year and a 10-15% discount from participating retailers and restaurants, it was a small investment and worth the gamble. It seems like the list of companies participating in the program has grown – not surprising during tough times when many retailers are doing what they can to earn your business.

The card has already paid for itself and it’s good through the end of July 2010. You can also buy it at other stores, university and college book stores, high schools (and get a $10 Bluenotes gift card) or online and choose a $10 gift card from Blue Best Buy, Bluenotes, Esprit, Jean Machine or Pizza Hut – if only I had known.

You can check the SPC website, follow along Twitter or become a Facebook fan to learn about weekly perks and other offers.
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  1. The SPC card is a great deal - I got the price I paid for it back in my first Zellers order and then saved quite a lot there and at regular trips to our coffee place.

    However, I got tired with merchants that didn't think they accepted it and having to tell them they did (including Zellers). Finally, I'd have to carry around the SPC pamphlet to prove they took it or ask to speak to a manager. It was a real pain and from my experience the worst thing about the plan.

  2. Glen, Thanks for sharing your experience so we'll know what to look out for. I'll be following my son's experiences closely. Chances are, he'll only think to use it in places where merchants post a sign letting customers know they accept the card.

    Your situation speaks to a bigger problem in retail - businesses that don't educate their front-line staff about the various promotions they're offering. It's feast or famine. Sometimes I walk into a store only to practically be hit over the head with the current promotion. Other times, I have to educate them so that an offer promoted like crazy online or in print, is honoured in the store.


  3. Anonymous1:51 pm

    I'd like to mention that LOULOU magazine also offers an SPC VIP card (which is for non - students). It includes the exact same saving as the regular SPC.

    I got my SPC VIP card through LOULOU magazine (the card comes free with subscriptions, which is only about $15) - its a pretty good deal.

    I've saved so much money using my card,especially at the Bay!

    Here is the link to get SPC VIP!

    LOULOU has been offering this for the past few years and I really hope it continues!

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