Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mad about Mad Men

I’ve always been a fan of early 60s style, especially fashion and décor. And, although I understand the sociopolitical context, I’m still amazed at how one decade began with women aspiring to be like Jackie O yet ended with the Hippie generation.

I’d been intrigued by Mad Men for quite some time, especially with all the talk on Twitter most likely due to the fact I’m friends with a lot of people from the agency biz. As some of you know, I’m no stranger to agency biz myself since I joined iStudio last spring. As for whether or not things have changed since the 1960s, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Back to Twitter, about 10 days ago, new avatars started popping up all over the place. Why? Mad Men season 3 starts on August 16 and it was one of the ways AMC decided to create some buzz on blogs, Twitter and Facebook. If I’m any indication, it worked. Last weekend I rented season 1 and we’ve been having a Mad Men marathon ever since. Season 2 is available for free on Rogers on Demand until the end of the month. A Twitter fan campaign emerged last summer when accounts were launched on behalf of some of the main characters, creating buzz for season 2.

Here’s Bargainista Mad Men style:

Despite 1962/3 being a time where most women were either perfecting their best Martha Stewart impressions long before Martha Stewart was a household name (no wonder Mother’s Little Helper was so popular), or belonging to a secretarial pool, I related more to Peggy Olson and decided to join the boys club. You can check out for yourself.

Better yet, if you think you really are a Mad Men (or Mad Women) material, you have until August 11 to get a special code from your local Banana Republic store (they’re not available online) and try out for the Mad Men Casting Call by entering the special code and uploading your photo – that fans can rate. A lucky winner will get a walk-on role in Mad Men season 3 and a $1,000 shopping spree at Banana Republic. Check out Banana Republic Mad About Style and Miranda Wickett from London, Ontario - looks like she may have a chance.

Update: As part of Banana Republic’s Mad Men promotion, spend $125 or more on new merchandise August 13-23 and save 25% off your purchase. (Note: Scroll down when you click on the link to see the BR promo.)

Do you watch Mad Men? What do you think? How much has the workplace changed in 40+ years?
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