Monday, September 07, 2009

Hidden gems in Ann Arbour

Wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately? My family was on a road trip to Chicago with a stopover in Ann Arbour, Michigan.

As you know, no vacation is complete without a visit to at least one local treasure. And we found one in Vault of Midnight Comics Books and Stuff. It was no surprise this place has a 4.5 star rating on yelp.

This comic lovers’ dream is a haven for indie comic book creators. Don’t you just love this sign on a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf designated for local talent?
There’s also a 6’ tall, 100 lb Uglydoll on display that you can custom order and have delivered to your home directly from the manufacturer. Apparently, it arrives in a box the size of a fridge.

We had a lovely dinner at Grizzly Peak Brewing Company – it was perfect family fare with tasty food and a descent children’s menu. One day I’d like to go back with Mr. B and dine on the patio of one of the lovely restaurants on Main Street. The food looked and smelled delicious. We had no idea that it was named one of the best Midwest food towns by Midwest Living Magazine earlier this year.

Ann Arbour’s Foodie Nation

Oh ya, and there’s one more cool thing about Ann Arbour – all the cafes seem to have free wifi.

Did you find any hidden gems this summer?

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  1. At one point during my Alaskan vacation my friends and I found ourselves at the end of the world on the spit in Homer. And we were hungry after a day of cycling! Who knew that's where you have to go to find North America's best pizza?

    Finn's pizza is this hole in the wall. First floor is the cash, a few bar stools and a huge pizza oven. Second floor (heated by the pizza oven) is all windows and a few tables, enough for about 15-20 people to eat their treasured pizzas at a time.

    We couldn't believe the pizzas--fresh, simple, gourmet quality. We tried a "Greek" pizza and a wild mushroom pizza with rosemary. Out of this world! Apparently the owner has specialty flours flown in via Seattle. We enjoyed it with organic wine from California.

    Highly recommended if you are there.

    Google map


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