Monday, September 21, 2009

Jenny’s top 5 mom must-haves

In this week’s baby bargainista column, Jenny shares her secret must-have list for making life with your baby easier.

A good friend of mine [ed. note: mine too!] had a baby recently and today was our first opportunity to get together so I could congratulate her in person and meet the little guy. (He is, of course, tiny, perfect, and adorable!) As we strolled along with our little ones we happened to pass by a local toy store, Treasure Island Toys, and stopped to check out the baby section. I suddenly found myself pressing numerous items into her hands, waxing rhapsodic about the baby products and accessories I’ve found most useful – even essential!

So I thought I’d share my favorites with you! Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Must-Haves for Moms:

1. Kushies wet bags
Ever found yourself in possession of a used diaper with no garbage can in sight, or soiled or wet baby clothes with nowhere to put them until you get home? These colorfully patterned drawstring bags will let you store the offending item(s) until you can deal with or dispose of them. I’ve even used them to tote a sopping wet bathing suit and towel back from the local splash pool, without a single leak.

2. Bebe Au Lait nursing cover
I’ve blogged in this space before about my love for these beautifully patterned, chic nursing covers. I carry one with me everywhere!

3. Ju Ju Be diaper wallet
Perfect for when you just want to carry a few essentials on a short trip, these purse-sized diaper wallets come in a variety of sizes and fun and funky patterns, and will fit a couple of diapers and a mini-pack of wipes. I love throwing one into one of my larger purses or totes, when I don’t want to carry a whole day’s worth of supplies or be weighed down by a diaper bag.

4. Sassy links
If you only buy one toy for your infant, make it these simple interlocking links. These colorful things have kept both my girls rapt attention during long car trips, waits in the pediatrician’s office, jaunts to the grocery store… and as they grow you can use them to attach larger toys and teethers to the stroller so they don’t hit the ground when they’re dropped.

5. Heinz Baby Basics Sticky Fingers disposable wipes

I don’t often use disposable face wipes – at home I find a wet facecloth works best – but when dining out with an infant who’s just learning how to handle purees or finger foods, sometimes disposables are a necessity. Of the ones I’ve tried I like these the best. Alcohol-free, they have a fruity scent (as opposed to the vaguely medicinal scent of other disposable face wipes), which means a lot less squirming and turning away when I’m trying to clean food off of baby’s face and fingers after a public meal. (Heinz is retooling their website so a link is unavailable – but they can be purchased at most grocery stores.)

What are your must-haves?
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  1. My faves are the Babylicious bib with sleeves, born free bottles (the only ones my daughter would take after breastfeeding) and the jolly jumper!!

  2. Ooh, yes, the jolly jumper! An excellent and indispensable item. Thanks for your comment Jane!


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