Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Canadian Tire: filled to the rim with great deals

It’s been ages since I stepped foot in a Canadian Tire store.

Last week, I won a $10 gift card at work because iStudio’s Toronto team got an honourable mention for our awesome pumpkin at our FH/iStudio Hallowe’en pumpkin carving contest.

Mr. B and I had been shopping for a new porch light. We’d already purchased and returned three from a few different stores but hadn’t found the right one. So, I suggested we take a look at Canadian Tire since we had a gift card. The selection wasn’t huge but we found what we were looking for – in fact, there were three possibilities. Instead of the $80 we almost spent, we choose one we thought was on sale for $35.

Despite being in a rush, I also took a few minutes to have a look around. There was everything from greeting cards and holiday candies to housewares, home décor and hardware. The store was literally jam-packed. They could have used some help making their merchandise more appealing.

Regardless, I think I’ll be back again soon. When I got to the cash, the lamp was further-reduced to $20, with the gift card, I saved another $10. The only problem was the colour was a bit different than the one on display but for that price, who’s complaining. Not me.

Have you been to a Canadian Tire lately? What did you think? What did you buy?

Disclaimer: Canadian Tire is a client of iStudio. The porch light pictured above is available at Canadian Tire. It is different from the one I purchased.
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  1. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Too funny - think it was The Globe that did something yesterday in the Biz section on how CT has redefined its customer from "Bob" (suburban guy, 40-60 etc) to hip independent DIYers women - not surprising but it was kinda cute the way the writer did it, esp for biz section!

  2. Hi Grunge-Queen, Thanks for your comment. Debbie Travis has a whole line of home décor items. Right now, it looks like a place for "Bob"s with Debbie fans in mind by way of the merchandise mix. Canadian Tire's website has some interesting online video with Debbie Travis DIY clips though.


  3. Anonymous7:29 pm

    When I got my first apartment in 2005 I bought a lot of my housewares from Canadian Tire because they were very reasonably priced. Everything from an immersion blender to beautiful pint glasses. I still go back and browse every so often! The last thing I purchased from Canadian Tire was paint and painting supplies. I also like their Christmas selection around the holidays.

  4. Lisa Gibson12:19 pm

    Hi Eden, I work in communications at Canadian Tire and saw your post. Congratulations on winning the conest. Lucky for us! Was happy to hear that you found what you were looking for and plan on returning.

    We recently launched a number of interactive tools on our website to help customers get organized for the holiday season. Check them out and let me know what you think!


  5. Lisa Gibson12:30 pm

    And clearly I can't spell or type when I am hungry!

  6. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I need to go back and spend a good hour or two looking around. I don't buy Christmas décor but I've always seen a lot in stock. Last year I was supposed to get some items for a charitable initiative but things didn't work out.

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for stopping by and please say hi to Duncan for me. Yes, your website does seem to address several themes for people celebrating the Christmas holidays - an area in which I little expertise. Bargainista will be launching a holiday shopping series with two guest bloggers. Perhaps I can interest them in taking a walk up to your Yorkville location.



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