Sunday, November 01, 2009

My night at the P&G Beauty Awards

On Thursday, October 29, I had the pleasure of attending the first-ever P&G Beauty Awards in Canada at The Carlu in Toronto. (Check out the live tweets and my photos.)

I was so flattered to receive an invitation to this exclusive event that although I received invitations to attend several events that night (believe me, that night was an exception), I accepted graciously.

Hosted by Nia Vardalos, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated Canadian actress and screenwriter, best known for her performance in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the event portion of the evening is best described as entertaining and stylish with a splash of good humour for good measure. Lots of fashion and beauty personalities were on hand, Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker; David Clemmer, star of the W Network’s “Style by Jury”; MTV News host and producer, Aliya-Jasmine Sovani; fashion designer Joeffer Caoc and the reigning Canada’s Next Top Model, Meaghan Waller. who were presenters. Somehow I missed Valerie Bertinelli, what a shame. She was Mr. B’s adolescent crush.

Unlike any awards shows I’ve seen on TV, this one ran quickly. Video commentary from one of the judges in each of 16 categories provided brief explanations as to why each winner was selected. Acceptance speeches were short, sweet and to the point. The ceremony even ended a few minutes earlier than expected, allowing more time for the elegant after-party.

What really stood out for me, apart from all the beautiful people who were impeccably dressed, was how several of the winners gave a shout out to the PR people who made their jobs easier. At a time where public relations is facing new challenges and often called out in an unflattering way because of shoddy blogger outreach, it was refreshing to hear praises for people who do it well. It’s also a reminder that at the end of the day, no matter who is approaching whom or how, what matters are relationships and relationships are a two-sided equation.

Next year let’s hope we’ll see a greater recognition of fashion and beauty bloggers who are outside of the mainstream Canadian fashion and beauty media.

Congrats to all the winners! Thanks again P&G Beauty and all the sponsors. (I’m enjoying the very generous swag bag too.)
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  1. You are lucky. I first heard of the awards through a friend who was in nomination for the French fashion or beauty blog.

  2. you *are* lucky. maybe i should be blogging too :)

  3. Kim and Gold Jewellery, this is the first invitation like this in more than three years of blogging. ;-)

    The way they integrated English and French awards for the most part was very well done. I enjoyed being exposed to some new French-language blogs too.


  4. Hi Eden! Just found your site through a link on final fashion. I enjoyed the P&G awards too - and I think they'll get there in terms of reaching out to and recognizing more bloggers next time. Things are changing fast with respect to print media (the "old guard") and blogs! Exciting times.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for your comment - I'm so happy you found me and sorry we didn't have a chance to meet even though our paths keep crossing.
    P&G has been doing a lot in terms of reaching out to bloggers this year so it will be interesting to see how the awards evolve in 2010.



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