Saturday, April 14, 2007

After a Fashion: third time lucky

Our third After a Fashion excursion in Second Life (SL) was on Monday, April 9.

There were 11 of us: Catherine, Connie, Jenny, Joy, June L., Kate, Kathryn, Mish, Sonja, Tamara and me.

We have a great new meeting place we can almost call our own: Katicus Sparrow’s Hideaway. Us gals had such a good time chatting, we almost forgot about our shopping trip. NOT!

Luxury items were on the jam-packed agenda.

First stop: House of Nyla. Nyla is a real life Canadian fashion designer based in Vancouver. Her shop in SL is incredible. She offers everything from a host of uniquely designed accessories including footwear (personally, I’m loving the thigh-high black boots in the entrance way), masks and hats to spectacular evening gowns.

Mish bought an awesome mask - it included a beautiful shopping bag, tissue paper and all!

Nyla’s signature is her wonderful use of bright colours, quality and richness of her work. Real photographers have a hand in her displays. Outstanding!

Next we ventured to RICX Fine Jewelry - the SL version of Tiffany’s. I bought my gold and diamond necklace there a couple weeks ago. In addition to the regular collection, RICX offers custom work and a limited edition boutique - Chloe and Paradise had a great time uncovering rare gems there.

Designer Lucas Lamath’s EARTHTONES boutique is another jewelry store not to be missed. Organic shapes and colours make their way into the designs. I bought the dangling earrings in the “bandana” head shot below. EARTHTONES offers lots of demos and prices are lower than RICX. Several of us wanted to buy a couple of the dresses worn by the models too.

Our final stop was Hair Fair ’07 (a Locks of Love fundraiser). It was so busy that many of our computers crashed and members had to leave without saying proper good-byes. For those of us who persevered, there were lots of freebies and L$1 gift packs to be had. Paradise can’t wait to try on all her new goodies.

I scored a ton of stuff so next time you see Paradise, she'll probably be wearing one of her a new doos. Doesn’t she look devine sporting “Casual” in chestnut from Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)? (It’s the one she’s sporting in the picture.)

Note: April 14 is Bandana Day for Locks of Love in SL. If you’re visiting, buy your Bandana at the Hair Fair and be sure to put it on.

See you soon at our next “After a Fashion” event. Stay tuned!

photo credit of Katicus’ Hideaway:
Kathryn Lagden

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