Monday, April 23, 2007

Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch VI - the recap

As we welcomed the warm sunny weather, we also said hello to a new meeting spot: Brassaii.

And what a warm welcome we received...

In addition to reasonable prices, ample comfortable seating, and delicious food, we had excellent service and complimentary mimosas. Not one complaint. We’ll be back!

Other bloggers in attendance were:
Adrian from Fashion Verbatim
Anita from I want - I got
Carolyn from the Toronto Fashion Incubator
Danielle from Final Fashion
Sonja from
community members: Andrai and Kasia.

Danielle, Sonja, Anita and Carolyn shared their perspectives and opinions about TFI’s Ultimate Platinum:
Should we support Canadian designers just because they are Canadian or do they have to earn our praise?
What does it take to be a good designer: innovation, commercial appeal, a bit of both?
What do you think?

Anita and Sonja were both chatting away on their new KRZR’s. The MP3 player rocks. Like most camera phones, the camera has room for improvement. We tried to take some pics on Anita’s phone and after six different shots, still didn’t have one we wanted to use on our blogs. Regardless, KRZR’s design sure is slick and made my relatively new phone seem pretty uncool in comparison. Maybe, I’ll get to test one out and let you know all about it first hand.

What would Earth Day have been without some discussion about organic fabrics and sustainable clothing? A few of us got into quite the philosophical discussion about consumer behaviour and materialism. What do you think?

Last but not least and certainly not unique to fashion (or shopping) blogs, was how to pitch a blogger.

Got a great product or service you want us to write about?
Do your research.
Read our blogs.
Make sure you know who you’re targeting.
Think like a boy scout: be prepared!

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  1. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Thank you for the invite. It was a pleasure to meet all the bloggers. Everyone was genuinely nice and easy to talk to. I hope to see you all at the next TFBB.\



  2. Kasia,

    All of us were so happy you joined us. We look forward to seeing you next time and thanks for stopping by Bargainista.


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