Monday, October 15, 2007

Coats for kids at West 49

My eldest son has been doing everything possible to avoid shopping this season. All last winter he begged me for a new winter jacket but I didn’t budge because he didn’t need one. I promised he could buy one this year. I suggested we go out early Saturday morning and search for a new jacket while the stores were relatively quiet.

West 49 is his favourite clothing store. When it comes to junior boys, their selection is limited but he usually finds lots of tee shirts, hoodies and hats. Lucky for me, he found a jacket he liked and it was the lowest-priced.

But that’s not all. I saved another $20. From now through November 12, West 49 is running it’s annual Coats for kids promotion.

By dropping off an old clean insulated winter jacket I saved $20 on his new jacket (I would have saved $30 on an adult jacket). I didn’t have an old jacket with me but the sales associate bent over backwards making it easy for me to donate one later that day at another location closer to home. How rare and refreshing. Too often chain stores discourage customers from shopping at other locations even if it means closing a sale and having a happy customer. When will they learn it’s not that difficult to make a customer happy.

It goes without saying this wasn’t all about the sale. It was about friendly service, helping others and recycling. My son was pleased he could provide a child in need with a warm jacket this winter. Even if you don’t need a new winter jacket this season but have an old one taking up space in your closet, you may want to drop it off at West 49 and keep a kid from being cold this winter.

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